We Happy Few Game

We Happy Few Game Review

We Happy Few Game is divided into many small locations.

And here there are no huge territories.

Because of what compact levels turned out to be very atmospheric and memorable.

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Each of them can run for a couple of minutes.

But the developers have made sure that you constantly find caches or side quests.

In procedural generation, I do not want to believe here.

Although it is here: a new passage shuffles the objects in a random order.

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Cartoon characters in masks, bright colors in the city.

Drowning in drugs – this contrast between the extremely heavy setting and colorful picture bribes.

So at once you can not say that the inhabitants of such a colorful town could hang children for the sake of a brighter future!

We Happy Few Game moments

We Happy Few Game

Because of its compactness, We Happy Few game  is not perceived as an action with the open world.

Yes, there are side quests and scope for research, but in general terms the game looks like a linear action.

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You can move around freely only where the plot allows.

It does not bother you: you always know what to do, and at the same time you do not run your eyes from a lot of icons on the map.

Moreover, despite the beauty of the surrounding world, it is rather flat.

Residents who roam the streets are simply extras, and most houses are closed tightly.

Even in Dishonored on the streets of Danwall there was more room for maneuver.

We Happy Few Game has a huge number of mechanics.

Because of which we want to perceive it not as an indie game,but as a full-fledged big title.

Combat system, stealth, crafting, here is the open world – in a word, the most rich set.

The problem is that We Happy Few Game trumps many opportunities, but all of them are not brought to mind.

Take at least an action-component: in addition to the blow and the block in it, there is nothing.

You can still push the enemy.

But this is very controversial feature.

Each battle is the most similar to the previous one.

You stand in the block, while the opponent beats.

And then you beat yourself.

And we saw the same thing two years ago.

Was there really not enough time to diversify one of the main mechanics?

We Happy Few Game moments

We Happy Few Game

And you can almost guess whether you saw it or not.

But generally the secretive passage is still the most unpredictable thing: you never know how the opponents will behave.

But they can see you through a tiny slit.

Or they may at point-blank stop not see a stranger who accidentally left the corner and hurried back in a hurry.

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We Happy Few game  is very good in setting, plot and atmosphere.

This is an excellent example of anti-utopia, which grew out of the ideas of the most prominent representatives of the genre.

However, the problem of the action is that sooner or later it will become boring to play it.

For example, when you cease to need resources for crafting, as they quietly roamed all the nooks of a small location.

Or when you prefer not to get into a fight, not to remember the two-button combat system without any special features.

And then, having tried to bypass the enemies secretly, suddenly raise the alarm because of the crooked stealth.

And be sure to run into a fight. The very same, without features.

After a couple of hours of this gameplay.

I want We Happy Few Game to be some kind of survival horror with a single mechanics of hide and seek in trash cans.

And even better – a walk simulator.

Well, or at worst, the authors took another two years to finalize.