Collect magic machine.

The first game in the series came in 2002 on the legendary console Game Boy Color. And in the three previous parts of the series he has got his world, specific humor familiar to fans of the characters and recognizable cartoon style.

Therefore, to understand anything but the events described above are not dedicated player can not, and probably will not. A number of local conversations, their frequency, simplicity and strange timing and so confuse everyone even more. In such cases, gamers do not even realize what was going on on the screen. The main thing is that the gameplay is addictive, and his fingers again and again pressed the right buttons.

Those who play to the taste, easy to find in the last part of the network, to play them and get acquainted closer with the world, Shantae girl, her friends and enemies.

Мир Shantae: Half-Genie HeroIt is divided into levels. Each of them is made in the style, populated by a special type of enemies, complicated traps has hidden areas and bosses at the end of the path. But to pass these barriers to our heroine is not difficult.

Shantae full of surprises, has magic, can use their own hair instead of a whip, and with the help of dance turns into animals (elephant, mermaid, harpy, and monkey). Levels here are passed cheerfully and cheerful and “mimimishny” soundtrack adds to the speed of the game.

Run forward, jump, leaping, destroys the enemy, break the vessels, we obtain from them bonuses in the form of mana crystals, hearts with life and other gaming buns, select special abilities, are turning to the right on the situation in the animal, to solve unpretentious puzzles, time avoid tricky obstacles, dodging enemy fire and in fact do everything

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - обзор
Between the levels in Eagle fly.

After some time, advance the plot game characters sending heroine again visit already completed levels. Repeated passage there discover hidden areas that store new skills, bonuses, gold and other game detail. But after a few races it is clear that in this sense is not enough, and it is easier to simply follow the plot, using the fact that there are no problems.

After all of the levels of simplicity and ease of bosses received many skills and transformation is simply nowhere and there is no need to use. It is enough to choose a pair of favorite skills and apply them to the rest of the game.

Of course, at the end of each level Shantae meets with the boss. And every time it turns out that she is familiar with him or her, in the last part. More characters long talking and arguing and uninitiated gamers at this time is perplexed by what is happening and passes incomprehensible dialogues.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - обзор
Hair-whip – a universal weapon for all occasions.

To kill the boss need special tactics, but about her guess in the first couple of seconds of the fight, and then butchered without any problems with the enemy. Destroy local leaders is sometimes easier than to pass some places on their own levels.

In Shantae: Half-Genie Hero across difficult moments, and some bosses will force the player to sweat and die a couple of times. But if you play the same Rise & Shine, and you are good at it, then the local obstacles will seem a cakewalk.

In visual terms Shantae: Half-Genie Hero looks bright and atmospheric. Cartoon style fits here as well as possible, and smooth and precise animations pleasing to the eye, even during the most heated battles. Impressive and detail in the foreground, but the drawing distant objects pale and zamylit. The truth is only noticeable if you look closely, and if you do not bother, the local picture enjoy even picky to detail esthete.

Shantae: of Half-Genie Hero – cheerful, amusing, but a narrow platforming for fans nyashnosti or old fans of the series.

Not familiar with the world player risks not understand the intricacies of the plot and the fans of arcade platformer can be a bit disappointed with easy levels and the need to return to the old locations. Detailed image the same will please the eye of anyone who did not turn up on the cartoon as a whole.