Esports Instagram: pashaBiceps surrounded by tomatoes
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Tal Fly Ayzik went on a trip to the USA, Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov mastered the intricacies of Japanese cuisine, and Roman Dvoryankin demonstrated excellent paddle skills.
Esports Instagram: overgrown Afoninje and Astralis’ secret announcement
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Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan collects grapes, Natus Vincere met with the star of the YouTube show “What Happened Next?” Sergey Detkov, Henry
ESports instagram: Zeus catches a buzz
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Akbar SoNNeikO Butaev left Ninjas in pajamas, Daniil Zeus Teslenko opened pizza delivery Johan n0tail Sundstein went on vacation, and Damien kpii chock missed LAN.
ESports instagram: Zeus has become a samurai
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Vladislav SilverName Sinotov washed introduced Mareksa YEKINDAR Galinskis, Dan apEX Madeskler had a barbecue Jonathan Loda Berg first swim in
ESports instagram: shox builds a barn
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Richard shox papillon started building a barn Alexey Solo Berezin thought about the ESL One Los Angeles playoffs, Daniil Zeus Teslenko showed how it resists
ESports instagram: apEX learns to bake pancakes
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Dan apEX Madeskler decided to master the culinary business, Mathieu ZywOo Erbo shaved and turned into Robin Flusha Ronquest, and Daniil Zeus Teslenko shared
The graphics are surprising: the Bright Memory shooter has left Steam early access and has got a spectacular trailer
Company Playism and studio Fyqd announced the release of the final version of slasher shooter Bright memory in Steam. Until April 2, you can purchase the
Half-Life 3 in VR? Alyx success, bummer with Left 4 Dead, CS: GO record. ALL IN News for 24.03
03/24/2020 21:54 If the video does not play1. Basic: Update your browser and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.2. Try logging in through
SuperData Unveils February Digital Market Report, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and CS: GO Bring Big Money
According to the analytic company Superdata, in February of this year, despite a deep drop in spending on console games, revenue continues to grow in the “
Echo from Overwatch can fly and “steal” enemy tricks – review
Just yesterday the company Blizzard entertainment announced the thirty-second playable hero Overwatch. And now Echo is already available to players on

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