The growth of Internet traffic in Russia amounted to 30%, MTS requests to temporarily abandon memes
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Due to the coronavirus epidemic and quarantine introduced in this connection, the growth of Internet traffic in Russia amounted to about 30%, which creates
Ring Fit Adventure adds new mode with music from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and Wii Fit
Corona Virus & Games
Innovative game Ring fit adventure received a free update with a new mode Rhythm game, which allows you to train for various musical compositions, including
Golden Globes changes filing rules in light of coronavirus pandemic
Corona Virus & Games
Prize organizers Golden Globe changed the rules for evaluating films for participation in various categories. Against the backdrop of problems with coronavirus
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons organized a wedding
Corona Virus & Games
Quarantine, introduced in many countries in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, crippled the plans of not only large entertainment companies and
The bear remained in the den – how eSports clubs quarantine
Corona Virus & Games
ESports clubs, among which, Hellraisers and Gambit esports, Changed logos on social networks due to the coronavirus epidemic.
Nintendo closes service centers in the US due to coronavirus – review
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Nintendo of america closed repair service centers in the USA in connection with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. It is stated that this is being
Funn1k and chasing the cup – preview of the Parimatch League Season 2
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The final stage starts on March 27 Parimatch Dota 2 League Season 2. Due to the threat of COVID-19, the competition will be held online, but in the previous
Honor spoke about its new strategy in the realities of the 5G standard and the MagicBook 14
Corona Virus & Games
In the coming years, the largest countries in the world will begin to switch to the fifth generation of mobile communications (5g), which opens before Editor: Many game companies do not want to make announcements amid the spread of coronavirus
Corona Virus & Games
Against the background of the spread of a new coronavirus infection, many publishers took a wait-and-see attitude and suspended active marketing efforts.
Insider commented on the lull around FromSoftware’s Elden Ring
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Known for true gaming leaks Fromsoftware insider Omnipotent commented on the forums Resetet user questions about the formation of around Elden ring lull
WorldOfWarcraft Shadowlands Boosting services