Christina Asmus from Interns starred in a new scene without clothes

Actress Kristina Asmus from the popular TV series Interns recently appeared in the center of user discussions after participating in a realistic scene without clothes in the film Text. Despite the fact that Asmus herself later admitted that this was her mistake, the actress again starred in a similar scene with the popular performer Yegor Creed, which shocked the audience.

As it became known to, on Yegor Creed’s YouTube channel they posted a video preview of Creed’s new video for the song Love is, in which the performer starred with Christina Asmus. At the same time, the video Love is showed a passionate scene between Yegor Creed and Christina Asmus, which again turned out to be almost without clothes, as in the film “Text” with Alexander Petrov. This time, Asmus was in the locker room, covered with one towel. What he saw shocked many viewers who were amazed that Asmus “went to the second round”, and also began to taunt Asmus’s husband, comedian Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov.

In the video, Christina Asmus in one towel in the locker room is closely pressed to Yegor Creed, grabbing his clothes. Young people are about to kiss, but the video is interrupted. In the comments, viewers wrote that Kharlamov would again justify Asmus, and say how well his wife played in this scene. Others were surprised that Asmus still does not star in the very films that everyone is waiting for. Some wrote that Christina Asmus went hand in hand, and was amazed at how Kharlamov calmly reacts to this. Some viewers suggested that Garik Kharlamov himself shot his wife in a new scene with Creed. It is worth noting that the new video has already gained more than 400 thousand views, and viewers put 37 thousand likes to the video with almost 2 thousand dislikes.

Earlier, Kristina Asmus was in the center of heated discussions among users, and even was harassed for a realistic scene without clothes in the film “Text”, reports. Then Garik Kharlamov said that it was “only the work of his wife”, with which she coped very well. The actress herself later admitted that because of the scene in the film “Text” “Garik suffered,” and Asmus regretted her participation in the filming of the film.