Visual teaser for Star Citizen storyline campaign

Catholic Christmas Studio Cloud imperium games made a small gift for players in Star citizen – the so-called visual teaser of the storyline campaign of the game, Squadron 42, where she showed part of the work done for 2019.

The video boasts many breathtaking views of the cosmos, including planets, nebulae and asteroid belts. They also give a look at spaceships – both outside and inside. Apparently, the developers are trying to surprise with the quality of the graphics, and, admittedly, it works out quite well.

Beta version Squadron 42 should appear in the third quarter of 2023 – of course, if it is not transferred again. There is no need to talk about a full release yet.

Recall that in early December fees Star citizen exceeded $ 250 million. Dolgostroy already claims to be third in the list of the most expensive games in the history of the industry, second only Grand theft auto v and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.