The review of the standalone DLC Dishonored: The Death of the External

Protagonists are Billie Lurk, a prominent character already seen in an expansion of the first Dishonored as well as a prominent figure of the sequel, and Daud, the antagonist of the original title, who gave the crucial push to the events of the world created by Arkane Studios, killing the empress


Kaldwin in the incipit of the debut chapter. In reality players will only be given the opportunity to drive Billie but the search for her old mentor is the beginning of the adventure, whose focus soon moves towards the recovery of an ancient dagger able to create, but above all kill , the outside.The ultimate goal, as well highlighted by the title is in fact those of murdering the entity with dark eyes to follow a fascinating theory.


All that is bad in the provinces of Karnaca, Dunwall and the entire empire is caused by the subterfuges and machinations of this deity who just can not help but intervene in the lives of men by donating his special powers and assigning tasks capable of destabilizing governments.

The review of the standalone DLC Dishonored: The Death of the External

If the incipit is at least interesting especially for those who already have confidence in the gaming world, the problem of La Morte dell’Esterno is primarily linked to a narrative arc that remains extremely superficial and just hinted at chronological


level as told in the second Dishonored. It is full of tricks useful to never deepen the events, misses of memorable characters, if we exclude the three mentioned (and also on Daud we feel to express some doubt) and it is extraordinarily straightforward. In short, all the deepening seen in the two Dishonored that led the


player to get excited about a sea of ​​secondary figures with whom we often had to confront morally even in the complex decision to assassinate them or leave them alive to expiate their faults. There is little history during the missions and the only moments of story are relegated to the very short cutscene that fill the seconds of loading between a mission and the next.


If from a narrative point of view we are therefore faced with a discrete result but without peaks, on the front of the gameplay we can not help but reconnect with what was said in the reviews of the two main chapters. Dishonored is an exceptional shooter in the first person where the stealth element is strongly encouraged and the taste and satisfaction experienced in staying in the shadows, studying the environment and performing assassinations


without being seen or, better yet, taking advantage of the elements of the scenario, they are huge. If on the one hand then La Morte dell’Esterno perfectly follows the crucial elements of the series offering that super refined and refined gameplay, on the other it is undoubted that we are faced with numerous simplifications.

The review of the standalone DLC Dishonored: The Death of the External
Billie has a completely new but decidedly limited set of powers.A teleportation that is very reminiscent of the original Blink by Corvo with the only difference that the movement will not be instantaneous but will require first the positioning of the silhouette of the protagonist; a skill that allows
Billie to assume the physical features of any other character so that he can go unnoticed among the patrols or be mistaken for someone else; a skill that allows you to transcend from materiality in order to roam freely in the environment and observe enemies and special objects, so as to plan their approach and escape tactics.