A bright flash explosion … … This is the last thing that remembers Cole Black. Girl, save the girl … vibrates your phone – it’s a message. It will soon begin a very strange party, and you’re invited too.

Notably heated interest in the Get Even with the help of an unusual promotional and postponement of the release of the terrorist attack in Manchester, Farm 51, and Bandai Namco finally released their FPS-thriller.

At first glance, nothing original: the protagonist with amnesia, an abandoned mental hospital, a mysterious figure who is behind all this. But here it is appropriate to recall another thriller from the sphere of cinema, and go a little deeper.

Get Even is like a mixture of individual aspects Layers of Fear and Deus Ex. It was a place around: technologies of the future, the problems of ordinary people tangled intrigues and schemes and, of course, the “horror stories”.

In the center of all these twists and turns – a former military Cole Black, waking in the territory of the ruins of a psychiatric hospital with a dark past.

Only, as it seems, it sane inhabitant is Red – doctor, to which Blake asked for help to restore memory. That is the only treatment is very unusual: there are around the chamber,

Red communicates with his patient only through the monitor, and themselves conducted by simulating individual events in a virtual reality.

Black persuaded to simply explore the hospital to gather information in simulations and beyond, and in any case not to build theories. As security assurances he was given a gun. And so begins the bumpy road to recovery …

Gun – the only weapon at the disposal of the hero in the hospital, but only one of several in the game. In simulations Blake also available two types of rifles, a shotgun and a masterpiece, Manufactured Corporation ADG – Kornergan.

Kornergan allows you to shoot at enemies from cover in three directions: for the left corner of the right angle and the top.

Aim & zoom produced by a body attached to a smartphone. Though it seems superweapon capable to reduce any shoot-out to a mere formality, to make contact with the enemy actually is quite interesting: the AI ​​enemies involves meticulous (look for you will be long enough, if you decide to end the fight and quietly slip), and even some –

No ingenuity – they are able to notice your shadow and reflection in the glossy surfaces.

Fights are not a mandatory part of the gameplay; on the other hand, secrecy is encouraged, even if only in the form of Red’s remarks about the “instability simulation”.

But it is their secondary and relatively savvy opponents turn them rather rare treat than an awkward appendage.

However, in general you have to deal with is finding different kinds of evidence: fingerprints, newspaper clippings, notes, engrams in simulations and the like.

The main tool in your little investigation will aforementioned smartphone. It has a fairly wide compared to other games with this kind functionality.

The most useful for direct search sensor and the scanner: the first allows you to determine the approximate area of ​​finding clues, and the second, depending on the fact found by comparing your findings with a set of databases, whether fingerprints, faces, substances, etc.

Second utility can be called a card with confidence: it shows the layout of the building and the location of your nearest enemies and their viewing angle.

The smart phone also integrated imager that facilitates aiming of Kornergana simple and solving puzzles, many of which are tied to electricity and hot water pipes.

There are some clues that need to ultraviolet; do not worry – the EA function in wonder gadget is also available, plus a couple of standard things, namely the reception of calls and messages.

Also, Black, regardless of your actions on the phone fills a kind of diary, but it is not always directly linked to the newly passed “level” and in general to understand what is happening and of progress does not matter.

But Black can only to a certain extent affect the course of their treatment. Let his actions and have an effect on the environment and the final assessment, issued by an impartial system simulation analysis, but there are other factors.

Layers of Fear was made to me for a reason. Hospital seems huge because of the fact that with all the “sameness” of locations that is constantly changing: in seemingly the same corridor has other wards with other patients; it operates its own hierarchy, which lined cultists Puppet Masters, crazy teacher-pedophile, missing persons, former military – the same as Black – and they are being followed, and one after another, and every one to someone hunts .

Generally, non-linearity, and it is more appropriate to say, the instability of the time and place of action only adds to the feeling of discomfort.

Get Even by itself is not very scary; depressing music and strange mannequins part do their work, but in most cases is simply not going to what to expect.

With only the outside it seems a weak story, but it skillfully ranked constantly supported the expectation of something frightening works just as good, if not better, jumping out of the corridor or the most delusional crazy simulations.

The atmosphere is not in the least make a record of the last of the hospital; Why are only the words of the head physician: “They all got better! Especially to those who died. ”

It is unlikely that the same can be said about the Red’s wards, who were killed either on your eyes, or just before you came, did not make the game more interesting.

And record medical notes paint an impressive picture of the mentally ill with different diagnoses and different degrees of danger to others, but in reality they are either quietly sitting in their houses and mumble some nonsense.

And if they did not release, then explore the maze vastness clinic becomes unbearably boring.

The only changes little and generally neutral and safe place is a kind of office with boards. Each of them relates to the simulation of certain memories, each containing clues and their interconnection.

Each piece of evidence adds a certain percentage of the recovery, which leads to stabilization of the simulations. In each of them, you can return via the attachments to the board photographs portals to find the missing material evidence. But even there is no guarantee that you will be able to interpret them correctly at high or full pass “level”.

It was in this room comes the understanding that the main challenge Get Even – not enemies or treatment of amnesia. The main thing, effortless lesson – to understand what is happening; in a broader sense than just “who I am, what I did, what kind of girl,” and so on.

I can assure you right away: the chance that you can only based on all your findings to understand what is really going on in your head, it is very, very small.

This is perhaps another incarnation woven into the gameplay ideas confusion and disunity. Red’s words relate to the main character in the same way as you, the player not build theories. Just keep. And you, in the end, exactly the same can be lost.

I leave at the end of a small seed: Black is not the only playable character. The second character in the same way examines virtual memories, has approximately the same abilities (adjusted for particular interaction with simulations), except for one – the ability to become implanted in engrammes people including enemy.

It’s a little makes a variety of stealth mechanics, because at the time of the “warp” enemies you can not see, and puzzles during the passage of this character has pozanyatnee – again, due to this ability.

The third hero, in fact, to be particularly does not show, except for the final selection. But who knows, maybe he just did the most important?

As you can see, Get Even before the end of the curve maintains a line of events and relationships between all members of this complicated history.

And all for the sake of a final thought, quite simple but important: the past is best left untouched where it belongs – in the memories.