Knack 2

In books, films and theater productions aimed at a younger audience, everything is always as transparent – from action heroes to their character and motivation.

This evil, this one – good and that one over there – was bad, but repented. In the same way it works in the children’s games, because otherwise they will not work at all.

The child knows very little about the world in which he lives, and is only beginning to help teachers, parents and fables to enter into what is allegory and metaphor.

Therefore, take them until he can not or will not do it in full force. The  Knack 2 anything like it not – an ideal children’s play with light, I would even say – a sterile subject.

It’s an adventure, where the way of heroes never get up the obstacles that at least at first glance, can not be overcome. Neck rushing forward like a tank. He is afraid of nothing and boldly rushes into a crowd of enemies – usually in silence, but sometimes anticipating battle cutscene may issue zashtampovannoe frazochku, they say, now I’ll ask them. And sets. Intrigues not wait.

There are no dramatic moment, and the only one worthy of a joke in the entire game – on the theme of self-irony primitive combat system.

The game is very tightened: as long as you understand that Nack really can more than two hits and jump, have time to turn off the console and forget everything, like a bad dream.

Imagine: here you play a couple of hours, get bored, content with the two methods and outdated QTE of the ancient games of Spider-Man, and then – bang! – reception becomes three. Two hours later techniques will definitely be four, but where will you at this moment? Most likely, in any other game.

The only thing that can hold you back – this is a unique opportunity at the touch of a button to turn dearest protagonist, like a toy from the puppet theater in dogs mixture with a monkey, assembled from wooden, judging by the sounds, cubes for children with severe male personality in adulthood .

No, really, it’s very funny. Little Neck is not talking, but in some cutscenes he touchingly gasps and sighs. You press a button, and a second in front of you there is always gloomy spiky ugly mug, throwing all “with turntables.” Terrific.

Review of the Knack 2. Game Overview - Image 3
Review of the Knack 2. Game Overview - Image 4

However, it is not a virtue specifically Knack 2, a feature of the series – we have already seen this in the first part of 4 years ago.

The same applies to all the gameplay. New levels, but the pattern is easily recognized: fixed camera, closed arena with bundles of small enemies interspersed with elements of platforming, the behavior of opponents – is also virtually no different from the original.

Experienced players have nothing to do in Knack 2. Run it worth it only if you are a big fan of the good and, again, the sterile games that do not cause emotions, and only fed you more and more new levels.

Beautiful – if you do not cling to the sometimes outdated graphics – and creative, but do not challenge the player, regardless of the level of complexity. If you are not the first time the controller in your hands, then the entire game, lasting 15 hours, you will find no more than 3-4 locations that can not pass the first time.

Co-op mode in Knack 2, unfortunately, only a local – that is for one console. O

n the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity to play with your child or younger brother on the same couch as once upon a time we used to play in the “Dandy” and “Segou”. It’s a completely different experience, which does not get online.

Authors of games obsessed with gigantism, sometimes even comes to an amicable funny. Play and think, “Well, here’s the robot was really great.” It turns out, no.

There is even more – so much so that it is possible to pick up and take control. And then, when you’ve thought everything in the world has seen, are so huge that on his back – the whole location.

At the same time manage the giant Nekom do not give so much time – 10-15 minutes at the end of each story chapter. And it’s certainly frustrating not less than one and the same looped narrative pattern in each level.

At the beginning of Neck of no more than human, and occasionally resets all the excess armor, to squeeze into narrow openings, and gradually grows until it becomes the size of a house.

Next there is a transition to a new location, and each time under different pretexts Neck loses accumulated “children’s blocks” (in fact it’s some ancient relics). And so 15 times.

I am glad that in the sequel, do not forget the main thing that was in the original – the original design puzzles.

They’re primitive, but abruptly realized: Nack can be attached to its unusual body not only relics, but also pieces of ice, thus acquiring the ability icy breath; metal filings and pure crystal, help Neku go unnoticed by the laser fences.

Review of the Knack 2. Game Overview - Picture 5
Review of the Knack 2. Game Overview - Picture 6
Despite the fact that the puzzles are so simple that even call them puzzles is not in itself, in the game there is a detailed help system. I hesitated for a moment?

Push up, and the game will show in detail that is required from you: and where to jump, and that the press and where to push the drawer.

The only thing that the game does not tell (at least at first) – this is the location of the secret locations, which in the game a lot, and get to them can only be a small Nekom that makes their quest even more difficult.

But it is possible to extract parts from the devices that help in the game – from the frankly fraudulent teleport to the ground, if fell into the abyss, to the additional mechanic. For example, the combo counter increases damage from impacts as the combination is not interrupted.

My favorite platformer was and still is a series about the raccoon Sly Cooper, because even though the caricature characters and “cartoon” setting, these games accompanied me 10 years of my life and at every stage could offer me something worthwhile. Even the last part of the third-party developers – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time The  –

I went with great pleasure, because he saw in it references of modern culture, which no child grasp can not. For example, a reference to the film “Back to the Future.”

The Knack 2 There is nothing like it. The developers have done everything to make your child’s been fun to play, and that he could develop spatial thinking and fine motor skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

But parents and just older and experienced amateurs no one thought of the genre.