Destiny 2

The Nine. Enigmatic scattered figures for the Destiny galaxy . It is said that Spettri who once have been orphaned by their Guardians have found a new form to incarnate. Nothing is certain, except that these quasi-supernatural beings will call us collectively to complete a challenging challenge: winning seven games within what is their carousel;

The Nine Tests. In concrete terms, the Probes (or Trials , as they like to speak English) are Destiny’s game modewhich drives the competition’s most potent competitive potential. You play 4vs4 and in modes that alternate between Survival and Detonation.

Maps should also be different: in addition to the exclusive one set in the Ignore Lands of Eternity, we also played on Altar of the Flames before it was removed from the playlist due to a bug we assume will soon be settled. However, the concept is simple: win without losing.

Get to the end of the flawless(literally without error, so without defeat. Finding the replica of our live right in this article) will give you the right to collect a whole host of exclusive rewards from the Emissary of the Nine on the Third Pinnacle, a distant place both in time and space .

From its point of view, this mode is totally orphaned, not in the sense that it is not, but in the sense that it is not explained. We are not told why we have to take part in the Tests and, above all, what the Nine want. As usual there is a way to deepen the matter, but unfortunately many players will miss out on the good things that if told directly they would surely have been more exciting to live.

Hunting for glory
Needless to say, to play the Nine Tests you need a fireteam of four people: matchmaking should create matches with teams that share more or less the same stats; if you are strong you will find valid opponents and vice versa. The experience is fun and rewarding, especially because it will require you to study tactics to be applied in the best way that will be adapted to the situation.
The Nine Tests highlight (in good and evil) the features of Destiny’s Crucible 2. On the one hand, fun and stimulating, on the other too much linked to a meta-game that leaves no room for diversification in terms of approach.
He also succeeded in the reward system that rewarded and encouraged to go to the bottom, renouncing Osiris’s “ticket” system. To date, however, this is a successful title, which allows us to invest in a different and profitable activity linked to the PvP segment, which, again, is one of the positive aspects of production.
The best set-up we’ve been able to experiment involves mainly Hunter and Titan, in the specific Night Predator and Assassin. The first because it has the dodge that makes it invisible and the Arrow that allows you to chase more adversity.
These abilities are very effective in modes where adversity tends to exploit the teamshot and thus become very close: a super used properly and you can eliminate the whole team of opponents. The Punch of Destruction in the same way is effective against very close groups of enemies, so great in these Nine Tests.
In terms of weaponry, weapons of reconnaissance and support weapons, especially MIDA and Ultimate Dance, or Last Hope. If we want to find a defect in building thetrials is just this: little variety of weapons and a direct consequence of little chance of diversifying the approach.
More than the Prove, however, the problem is the current state of the Crucible: the meta-game is this and until the next update will not mix the cards on the table the dynamics will remain. Ultimately, we can say that Nine Probes continue on the false line of Osiris Probes, excluding only the purchase of the entry ticket and its sizes, in favor of a more immediate and profitable method.
 Completing the seven wins without any defeat will entitle you to an exclusive emblem; for rewards instead it will be enough to win seven matches without losing more than three.