Mother Russia Bleeds

before us the most ordinary beat ’em up – genre, largely due to the famed series listed above. Gameplay is plain and does not require the hard work of thought – is a linear level, there are enemies on it, is the main character (or characters), which will be held this level from the beginning to the end, destroying all the enemies encountered on the way.

Of weapons – fists and boots, sometimes given the opportunity to choose from defeated enemies knives, bats, rebar, or even a “firearms” (the latter, however, is very rare).

Enemies frail and can not boast of a great mind, but a lot of them. Sometimes so much so that for them barely make out the character under his control, and after yet another bout of dead bodies littered the floor a carpet.

Besides ordinary opponents at the end of each level we are waiting for the battle with a particularly strong representative of the enemy camp – “the boss.

” Typically, each of these opponents, in contrast to the usual faceless men, has, in addition to bright appearance, just as unconventional fighting style. Sometimes we have to take into account the location, where the fight takes place – it can both help and hinder (or all at once).

All of the above met hundreds and hundreds of times in countless games of this genre as a variety of consoles and on the PC. If we look, than Mother Russia Bleeds stands out from the slim series, then in the list of differences will not be exact gameplay.

Glasnost, Perestroika, Uskoreniye! 

Leaving the gameplay in the usual framework, developers of the French Le Cartel Studioin full force it out on all the rest, giving free rein to imagination to create the plot and visual style. Location – the Soviet Union since perestroika, with all of the attributes of this era, but they are brought to the extreme of absurdity.

We’ll have to visit a dirty prison cells and urban slums, a night club for the “new Russian” and the party elite mansion, ride the train and walk along the railway station. Perhaps all it did exist in our Soviet past, but apparently did not take the forms that came to a head writers.

The prison became a place of strange experiments on human beings, in the slums, more like any Negro ghetto thriving lawlessness and violence – street fights and drug abuse are running the show. The train becomes a place of this battle between “gopotoy” and the police,

Mother Russia Bleeds game review

With the slogan on the banner is debatable.

Add to this the beginning (with the help of the player) in the revolution and regular freaky trip, visiting the main characters – get a full picture of surreal, not having any relation to reality.

Most of all contribute to this, of course, graphics and music. Pixel art pixel art, but the opponents, starting from the dirty bums, ending absolutely incomprehensible and frightening creatures, as well as the location (especially the level of prison) cause almost physically palpable disgust.

Despite the name, branchy cranberry bush in Mother Russia Bleeds find – balalaika and bears with a bottle of vodka will not be here, even hats with earflaps from prison guards look quite natural. Apparently, for such banality developers decided not to spend money by giving all the power to create a very absurd and hateful version of the Soviet Union.

By becoming an event and the main characters: four friends, in once, wearing normal Russian names – Boris, Ivan Sergei and Natasha. As you can see, and there were no cranberry, although in terms of names and titles that often err even some serious projects. But in the rest of the characters can not be called normal.

They are engaged in street fighting, during which do not hesitate to show animal cruelty scoring opponents to death with his bare hands. In addition, all four of them indulge in an extremely strong drug – “necro”, which still play a role in the history of the main characters.

Despite the fact that they seem to act on the side of “good”, something what quartet is not very different from their enemies: Boris, for example, as a mockery uses throw their own feces at the enemy.