“One of the Greatest Achievements” – Former SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman Sean Leiden Speaks Out on Buying Insomniac Games

Whe is leiden resigned as chairman SIE Worldwide Studios in September 2019, but he’s still pretty active on social media when it comes to indoor studio projects Sony. After recent praise towards the sandbox Dreams from Media molecule former top manager of the Japanese platform owner again tweeted to talk about another studio SonyInsomniac games.

Team responsible for Spyro, Ratchet & clank, Resistance, Sunset overdrive and Marvel’s spider-man, officially went under the wing of Sony in August last year, and Leiden remembered this, calling the studio’s purchase “one of the greatest achievements” of his entire tenure on the PlayStation team. If you look at the list of games released by the studio, it is easy to understand why he thinks so.

“It seems like a lifetime has passed. And yet this is one of the greatest achievements that I was lucky to associate with on the PlayStation. An important decision made at the right time. Continue to create crazy projects further, Insomnia!” He wrote.

Leiden also showed a stela of glass made by Sony on the occasion of the accession of the Insomniac Games studio.

“Fun fact: in the industry, this thing is called a” tombstone, “he added.

Insomniac is currently working on his next project for Playstation 5. It’s rumored to be a sequel to “Spider manRead our review on the first part here..

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