The Legend of Zelda

Shadow Australian genius

Sometimes it seems that enough is enough. For example, when instead of the long-promised and original “Zelda” on your console, three years after the release there are only a couple of remakes in high definition. And the most recent of which was done by people, known for such hits as dilogy Pony Friends and “Megamind” . Why bosses Nintendo decided to give porting Twilight Princess on Wii U is the studio Tantalus , seems to be clear – Australians were transferred to the console with a tablet controller Mass Effect 3 and of Deus Ex: Human Revolution . And they got decent reviews.

But here the story is quite different, because after the release of “Twilight Princess” has been almost ten years, and this reissue in high definition require much effort. Unfortunately, this work has not been done. The new incarnation of one of the saddest parts of the saga differs only in high resolution up to modern standards but slightly toned textures. The geometry of the characters and environments, work with light and shadow, between the tiny download locations, lack of sound – all this invites us to return to the GameCube era (that version was used as the basis for the console). And if ten years ago limitations could be attributed to the fact that less than half miniDVD hold gigabytes, but now there are no excuses.

Someone might say – this is supposedly a HD-version! But previous remakes of “Zelda” (including Majora’s Mask 3D , which I wrote a year ago) significantly improved graphics. Ethnicity as Twilight Princess HDunsightly.

Especially bad things with grass, more like a muddy mess. The character models are the same angular, there is no style cel shading, both of The Wind Waker , and on current TVs, it looks terrible. Well, technically it works well – no “brake”, new bugs, with the ability to play only on the GamePad controller screen. Of control options have Pro Controller, to which a little more comfortable, but the mini-map will have to invoke separately.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD game review

Social innovation – five dozen of seals that can be used in Miiverse.

Other innovations are symbolic. The most serious – Hero mode, «otzerkalennaya” variation of the game, that is, an analog version for the Wii.

This mode is stably inserted into the re-release “Zelda”, nothing special here. Almost all of the rest of the changes associated with the use of figures amiibo and more like legalized cheat codes. If you have a figure of Link, you can not worry about the number of arrows in the quiver.

Statuette of Zelda will help keep health at the maximum. A toy as a villain Ganon, on the contrary, will make enemies stronger.

Other interesting works released specifically for Twilight Princess wolf statue – with its help open the whole dungeon, the reward for the passage of which will be a bottomless wallet.

In short, we openly say: “Pay, and it becomes easier”, promoting fanservis how microtransactions package. That does not fit with regular statements Nintendo that company – for undefiled gameplay.

Hour of the Wolf

Well, that up to the “Princess”? As almost always in the series, the events unfolding in the magical realm called Hyrule. Princess Zelda has ruled the country for her attempts universal evil, for which there is a rider Ganon, and to correct the situation should be a simple guy Link. One of the main themes of the franchise has always been a dualism – and then it abound.

The threat in Twilight PrincessIt comes from the twilight world – a parallel universe, our exciting world of light area by area. At dusk, they do not live sexy vampire, and nasty monsters with tentacles. The men got into semi-darkness, lose flesh and become spirits.

Linke lucky a little more – twilight zone causes him to turn wolf. New face allows your hero to run fast, to dig the earth and penetrate into previously inaccessible areas. More in the image of the beast can sniff to track down the hidden characters and tracks, and met the animals always prompt way.

Perhaps this is the best and most original finding in the entire history of the series. Episodes for the four-legged Link adds depth to the adventure, make the puzzle box. And the wolf itself was very nice, especially when he howls.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD game review

Here they are, here they are, the heroes of my dreams …