Wattam Review | Gamemag

Creator Katamari damacy Keita Takahashi – One of the few game designers who, despite the change in the world around him, tries to make games that he likes first of all.

Playing with his two-year-old son in cubes, he thought that it would be great to revive the plastic figures, give them personality and give them the opportunity to interact with each other independently. Using the atmosphere of an educational program for young children, like “TeletubbiesWattam touches on important social and political topics, somewhat similar to the main idea Death stranding.

The first hero you discovered, simply named the Mayor, suffers alone in a ravaged world after a global catastrophe, until he meets his first friend – a small pebble. Then a larger cobblestone joins them, with which friends raise the Mayor’s hat, under which the bomb is hidden, and explode cheerfully, flying up into the air.

Flowers and acorn come to the sounds of joy and joy, and now the world is blooming, colors are changing, and the darkness is receding.

The characters, holding hands, dance, and from the acorn grows a huge tree that eats flowers and gives you bizarre and juicy fruits. The smell of food comes from a lonely mouth, which eats food and creates an army of poop.

To their joyful laughter, the toilet floats and pours them into itself, creating golden poop that are built into a large living pyramid of equilibrists, to prove the bowling pin that they can be with her height.

The further development of events is almost impossible to predict: the Sun steals the phone from the phone and a turd at a dreadful height due to a childhood injury, a balloon flies to save a part of the body that is expensive for a friend, and then they all cry for a long time, creating a salty sea on the continent named “Summer

The five-hour adventure spans several continental seasons with unique characters that periodically moor to the main platform and offer new opportunities for interaction.

You detonate a bomb under a hat, swim in the water, build living pyramids, fly and have fun.