Hitman: Season Two – 5 Episode Locations We Could Visit

I have been a fan of the Hitman series for a while. They have always provided frustration and entertainment in equal measure, bringing you into a world of contract killers, genetic experimentation and stealth. The series always sat you squarely in the driving seat and told you to finish the job in any way you fancied.

But I think that the most recent Hitman game is the best in the series. The graphics, storyline, level design, voice acting, and the myriad of different ways you can approach your target all lend themselves to a gorgeous looking and endlessly enjoyable and equally enraging game.

The only drawback to this game is finding yourself always needing to be online to stay updated with content.

Hitman is a game which will always surprise you as you never know how the NPCs and your targets will react.

You could be a brilliant stealthy assassin but get caught out at the first instance or you could just get lucky and find that your target is standing under the faulty lighting bracket just as you send it plummeting to the ground.

Nevertheless, the game is immensely enjoyable or the fact that it is set out in episodes only serves to make you want to play on just that little bit longer.

I have only just got to Marrakesh but I am already loving it. Paris and Sapienza brought me to two very different worlds, both of which are teeming with American tourists.

The fact that you are given certain opportunities which can lead you to killing your targets in certain ways makes the game so much more enjoyable but equally you can go in guns blazing and see how that works out.

This game has already taught me that it pays to be a nosy bastard but it teaches you the value of patience and picking your moment.

So, as we wait for IO Interactive to push out more episodes for season two in the Hitman series, here are five destinations I think 47 should travel to next.

5. Oxford
The city of dreaming spires. What better city to have 47 strolling round the cobbled streets after his prey? Oxford has a plethora of back alleys, narrow passageways, dimly lit streets; perfect when populated with students and busloads of tourists.

You could be hunting an Oxford Don who is blackmailing students or a rogue scientist conducting illicit animal testing.

The city is big enough to make you feel like you’d get lost after turning the first corner. It has enough colleges and historic buildings to ensure that you will always have another route into where your target it skulking. Oxford will have you wandering for hours hopefully with 47 in an Oxford Don disguise complete with mortar board.

4. Berlin
Back to where the cold war ran hot. Berlin is a city which was dubbed ‘poor but sexy’ and 47 could give you some entertaining hours in this sprawling metropolis, hunting a fascist sympathizer through the eastern part of the city or taking out child traffickers.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything so drastic as stalking your prey through Museum Island could provide a welcome respite. I think that Berlin would be an interesting episode in the Hitman series and it would provide some background to what other sort of spying and assassination events went on before the wall came down.

3. St. Petersburg
Why not go back to where Agent 47 has been previously? Back in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, you wandered the snowy streets of the city looking to take out a cabinet member, but instead fell into a trap. Since the city is so big, restricting the playing area to Hare Island or Alexander Green could mean that you have to think fast and move quickly.

Your mission could be to save a member of the long lost Russian royal family or taking out a military attaché, who is selling secrets to the North Koreans. Either way, St Petersburg, with its imperial roots and beautiful architecture, would be a level to die for -literally, in some cases.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland
Auld Reekie, I think, would be a perfect destination for Agent 47 and his very particular set of skills. Edinburgh is a very pretty place but its history takes you back to a time where any old woman who the local townsfolk didn’t like the look of was tortured and burnt at the stake.

So the city is known for its hospitality and charm but also its visually impressive buildings, castle and the old town with its multi storey tenement buildings and claustrophobic alleyways sloping off Lawnmarket.

The castle looking over the city could prove an interesting location which 47 could infiltrate – ,aybe you need to stop someone stealing the Scottish crown jewels (yes, they have some too). The possibilities with Edinburgh are enormous and frankly I don’t know why they haven’t made it already.

1. Vatican City, Rome
By now you may have guessed that I have a thing for pretty buildings. But let’s not dig deeper into that right now. Hitman, for me, is about always finding another solution – can’t go in the front? Well, someone has left the back door conveniently unlocked. Especially with the new game, you are given so many ways in which to complete your mission.

I think that Vatican City would be the perfect location: the wide-open spaces, numerous chapels and catacombs and ever watchful presence of the Swiss guard would make it almost impossible to get in, unless you were 47.

The reason why this is number one is because of how difficult it could be to get into the city itself, locate your target and do away with them without anyone noticing.

You could have any number of ways in which to approach your target and always pick up some useful pieces of information along the way.

Is there anywhere you would like to see 47 land in next? Anything that maybe we have overlooked? Let us know in the comments below