Echo from Overwatch can fly and “steal” enemy tricks – review


Just yesterday the company Blizzard entertainment announced the thirty-second playable hero Overwatch. And now Echo is already available to players on the test server. They told about what advanced artificial intelligence is and how it behaves in battle.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan emphasized that work on Echo has been going on for many years, and this character means a lot to developers. According to legend, Echo was created by Dr. Mina Liao, a leading expert on artificial intelligence and robotics. She gave her her voice.

According to the idea, Echo was to become a universal fighter who is capable of performing any tasks on the battlefield. However, Mina Liao took a step further, creating a self-learning and infinitely adaptable artificial intelligence.

This adaptation is clearly expressed in the special skill Echo. The heroine is able to copy the abilities of an enemy hero and immediately use them. This allows her to instantly change her role, “stealing” the skills of enemy tanks and doctors.

In addition, the Echo is able to fly, plan, fling with Velcro bombs and inflict damage with triple projectiles and a directed beam. You can see her skills live on the records from the test server. It has not yet been announced when the Echo will be on the main servers.

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