Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Yes, the French made both typical and atypical, “a Japanese role-playing game.” First, I will explain why the typical. World Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom emphasized whimsical, magical and unusual. It consists of a meteor – such small planets on which live the most different races.

In addition to people, it may be humanoid saying whether a cat, or a fox, or a hybrid, and that, and another. Also there are white and black magic (shi), talking skeletons, skeletons, bards, spreading throughout the district pages of his poems, flying ships and flying the same fish, which move vostrouhie cute girls.

There is also the kingdom, among which are civil wars. And we play for two small baleen-striped Waki – these are local cat and hobbits. They flew on his ship, then crashed and both times were embroiled in clashes between the armies of the two kingdoms.

In addition, our Waki will have to save the princess, which runs from enemies in the rebel camp with huge man with the face of a long-haired fox (this is a race – silk), exempt from the black magic of kings and castles, as well as resist

Cute mercenary-dude with long bangs and a flower of rose in his teeth – he tried to kidnap the princess. However, the glaring penalty handsome escape, and soon, on the contrary, yesterday’s enemy, along with the princess will enter our interracial heroic squad – quite typical turnaround for Japanese RPG.

positive outlook

As befits the genre, the authors focus is on the story, and the interest in the fairly complicated story supports easy humor, irony, lots of colorful characters, and even elements of moral choice. In one situation, defeating the leader of the local goblins, we can either support his henchmen, who immediately began to mock and insult the boss, or to stand on its defense.

Externally, the game occasionally something similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The other is not so much fun. To get to the important subject, opening a passage in the contaminated black magic Palace, you can take the help of a living and a pretty girl or else her dead ex-husband, now resides in the image quite talkative skeleton.

Choice seems to be obvious, but in fact it is much more complicated: the skeleton thirsts not for revenge, but forgiveness and love – and no matter what your decision it’s over quite sad.

However, in spite of all the drama and intricate conflicts atmosphere Shiness: The Lightning Kingdomrather positive, bright and colorful, it is emphasized and appearance – is clearly painted decoration under the influence of animation works of Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki).

And the battle begins!

Moral choices – something, in fact, not quite typical for Japanese RPG. As well as the presence of a sufficiently large number of side quests. But the lack of an open world is unusual, in principle, for the majority of modern role-playing games – free to move in Shiness possible only within the locations.

But the main thing that distinguishes the brainchild of studio Enigami compared to most JRPG, – this, of course, the combat system. Battles of the genre tradition are on separate arenas, but they did not turn-based, and most resemble fighting game.

You need to go all out clobber the enemy, use a block combos and evasion. You can also use magic, focusing on the fact as to which verses refer Arena, special fighting techniques and superudary, activation of which you need to quickly press the indicated key.

In combat, you can accumulate rage and go into a special mode that allows you to apply superudary.

In a fight that on our part, that the part of the enemy, is always involved one character, but if he lost all hit points, then replace it automatically goes next – well, or you can do to change the character at any time.

And everything would be fine, but in the dynamics of battles because of not very easy control, too freestyle camera and a better balance of what is happening often turns into a chaotic “zaklikivanie” with pressing any of the keys at the same time – not very exciting experience, tell you straight!