Lost Castle

Your hero escape from the prison in which he was put goblins, gradually making their way through the rooms of the castle, on the way to cut off a bunch of enemies.

In the process, he collects gold, various objects and soul especially powerful enemies, for that can be “pumped”. Naturally, there is a “boss”, and traders who meet by chance in any room (when you just do not have money).

With the world on a string! 

Of Castle Crashers and Rampage Knights authors took the combat system. Go left-right, up-down, we beat opponents basic attack, additional (unique for each class) and periodically use Reloadable combat “skill” – for example, Archer produces consecutive rain arrows. You can even jump and hit a jump.

Speaking of classes. In Rogue Legacy to some extent borrowed legacy system. After the death of the previous character (! And die here often) it was replaced by a new – instead of a girl archer you get bearded warrior with a sword or, for example, the red-haired magician with a stick. And each of them enjoys the savings made by the previous companion.

This is not about money but about “pumping”. After each passing game counts collected by the soul and offers to discover something of the available skills, which are sorted into three branches.

So we better attack and defense, health, increase the number of things that fall from the trunks.

And if unspent souls are destroyed or go to the call of the next character (here it is called a sacrifice), then unlocked the ability to pass on the legacy to the new character.

Lost Castle Game Review

Here you can still enchant weapons.

Finally, in The Binding of Isaac authors Lost Castle assembled artifacts system. All items are immediately placed in the cell and are used by means of a single key. At the same time we collect not only rejuvenating apples and bananas, but also much more interesting things.

Here and objects (such as armor pieces or gems), which give passive bonuses and artifacts, which, when used somehow change the situation: turn gold in the soul, causing ghostly companion, strengthen you, or take away all the money.

The same potions that you’re here, as in the Necropolis, Try at your own risk. After drinking some unknown substance that can become stronger or, conversely, to get drunk, lose some health or money. And then the light in his eyes darkened …

Not perfect, but good! 

Of course, my thesis that tasted of Lost Castle then , you get an idea of all the above-mentioned games, it is not true. There are a lot missing, such as the atmosphere and black humor The Binding of Isaac and diversity classes Rampage Knights .

And the legacy system does not go to any comparison with what we have seen in the Rogue Legacy. Heroes, appearing after the previous death, are diverse and have no innate characteristics – color blindness, epilepsy and paladins gay you will not find here …

Still Lost Castle addictive. The graphics are nice, good to hear the music, the combat system is easy, clear and effective, “the bosses” interesting. A sense of humor – relevant.

Here you can meet the monster, which for a fee will skip to the next level. And one of the “bosses”, a pot-bellied dinosaur eats the goblin king, as if to tame it.

The game constantly challenges and artifacts and potions warmed his unexpected effects. And, you can use the services of three freed inmates.

Blacksmith at each new passage supplying new weapons (including the most unexpected – to take at least a sword as big fish), the thief provides a free trunk with various useful items, doctor cooks for you all. They were even allowed to “pump” to get more and more of both, and the third.