Absolver – My Kung Fu is stronger!

Absolver looked dark horse with the announcement and up to release. On rollers and developer diaries was difficult to understand how to make money with the combat system of the fighting game, but with the prospect of a third party, and asynchronous multiplayer. Dark Souls about kung fu? No.

The history is quite prosaic. We take on the role of the candidate in the “Liberators” (translation of the word «absolver») – an ancient order, standing guard over the world. To join its ranks, it is required to pass a special rite of passage: to fill its head several martial arts masters.

The final battle at the top of the tower - poeticThe final battle at the top of the tower – poetic

Actually, this whole story ends. And to receive the coveted title Absolvera take five hours (in an official Russian translation and written). In fairness it should be noted in the history of the world Absolver very rich.

Only submitted in the best traditions of the From Software : about the rise and fall of the kingdom of Adal and clans living there, will know just curious player. It needs to peruse more than a dozen items of clothing found.

The story breaks off very suddenly. Do you think that only the end of the first chapter, and even the prologue, but a wise mentor has already congratulated on obtaining land title defender and warns about future dangers.

Hint at future expansion? May be. In the meantime, we can only focus on reaching new heights in the martial art. After all, honing skills – is the heart of the game.

At the start you will be asked to choose their preferred fighting style: with an emphasis on strength, speed, or something in between. From the solution depends protective ability and a set of accessible movements.

It is the latter form the basis of the local combat system. In the game there is no pre-planned by developers combos, need to design their own. Something like the Remember Me , only much more difficult.

The next blow determines the position of your character in relation to the enemy: a diamond watch at the bottom of the screenThe next blow determines the position of your character in relation to the enemy: a diamond watch at the bottom of the screen

Each punch has unique parameters and damage depends on various characteristics. A series of fast attacks will get more bonus from a high mobility, and for the powerful leg kick is better to have more power.

The authors do not limit your options, one character can learn all the moves and experiment with them.

The menu for the combination of movements you will spend a lot of time in trying to develop his own style. It is a style, rather than the ideal combination for all occasions, for the latter can not be achieved.

The combat system is fraught with so many subtleties that each approach there are some decent answers.

You can evade attacks, to block, to make false attacks and on the fly to decide how to use a combo on. Blow may possess special properties: heavy attack churn counter or avoid attacks in a certain direction.

In the course of character fights accumulates spiritual energy. It can be spent on the unique abilities of the shedder like the waves or on the use of weapons: swords or fighting gloves. The latter, of course, its own characteristics and a separate set of movements.

World majestic statues scattered fewWorld majestic statues scattered few

Fight alone may result rapidly in seconds or last for five minutes, during which the opponents will whirl opposite each other, and try to remember movement vskovyrnut protection opponent. It is protected against impact, which are not yet in your piggy bank, they can learn and apply in the future for himself. If you avoid damage to the special protective skill, the training will be faster.

Unfortunately, in a fight with two or more opponents on the screen already happening chaos. And prevents the camera, which constantly strives to rest against the wall, and not the most comfortable fixation target.

Enemies attack both are commonplace stumbles to death, not giving a chance to at least do something. It comes to the fact that the battle with three common opponents is much more difficult than the final boss!

But the main problem Absolver currently in a rather meager content. The world is divided into four small areas. Strange, but very pleasant visual style, the ambience is surprisingly faded. Memorable places there is little, so the full card to make a very hard head.

Drawn combo you can immediately try out on the training groundDrawn combo you can immediately try out on the training ground

Enemies spawn in random locations. You never know for how they will turn. A return from the dead, they punctually – not only after your death, but also when entering areas.

This is due to a special device online. Each location – in itself a miniature world, where you may find yourself with a few other contenders in Absolvery. Go to the next – get to another server with other players.

For fighting with a live opponent is better to go to a separate regime. From each control point can move to the arena for the battle alone.

The system selects the closest level of the opponent as possible, but sometimes embarrassments in which the novice put in front of a fighter with dozens of hours honing skills behind.

Arena, in fact, become the main occupation after a thorough study of the whole world. Which, after all, is fraught with a few secrets, including special combat style (fans Dzheki Chana’s early works will be satisfied).

Victory increase the so-called “combat grade”, and at a certain level are allowed to fight with complicated variations of the bosses, and even to open his own school of combat! After all, if your style has proved its effectiveness, it is necessary to share it with the world.

One of those games that do not look good in screenshots, but admire the smooth motion in the gameplayOne of those games that do not look good in screenshots, but admire the smooth motion in the gameplay

Absolver – one of the most-developed games in terms of melee combat. In depth the mechanics of fighting it can easily compete with the best fighting games. Designer combo with hundreds of movements opens endless possibilities for improvisation.