Although this is the basic presentation of the game, the initial chapters in which we know the characters and their basic characteristics take a few hours of action, serving the player to adapt to the mechanics and know the environment, as well as collect key objects to acquire all the skillsavailable from each one. The first contact is, to trace a very familiar simile, like that of sever



al deliveries of the Zelda saga: a very large map, in this case enlarged by the existence of two planes (the subsoil also offers explorable space), with many blocked roads for obstacles that we can evade with the passage of time and that, at first, they mark a way forward. In addition


, the development of the game, expanding the range of objects and abilities, as well as the combat system itself, also recall the style of some of Link’s adventures, although the duration may be a bit shorter than usual if we stick to what it takes to complete the story ( between 12 and 13 hours , not bad either).

One for all and all for one

Undoubtedly the most striking is the combination of possibilities of each character to solve situations and keep moving forward. At first we will limit ourselves to one or two protagonists, but at one point we will have the four completely at our disposal, being able to direct them one after the other in the same direction or deciding to explore with each one se


parately. To facilitate the handling we have numerous position totemsdistributed on the map that allow them to move instantly between them, alt


hough for that purpose we will have discovered such markers with the character in question (that is, although we have reached a place with, for example, Lumina, we can not teleport ourselves there with Lord Conington). In any case, this makes getting lost on the map with any character can be totally useful de


spite finding an obstacle that can only surpass another, since the displacement there is usually not too cumbersome.

World to the West (PC) screenshot

In general, in any case, we will have locations that will demand the action of our entire team , which will force us to use our ingenuity and discover what steps we need to take with each one to enable the action of another and continue moving forward. Exp


osed in a very summarized way, Lumina has the ability to use various objects and electric powers, Knaus takes advantage of its small size to sne


ak where no one else can, Teri is able to control the beasts we find and take advantage of their abilities, and Conington It is worth of his brute


strength to climb and hit rocks. Undoubtedly, the resolution of scenarios based on combining potential is the most satisfying of the game, and sometimes offers very interesting challenges in this regard.

However, the most demanding part is the pure and hard exploration: sometimes it will be obvious that there is a puzzle to be solved through


joint actions, but the way to some key locations and the search for some necessary objects to advance can be somewhat harder experiences. . In fact, one of the least convincing points is the need to collect certain collectibles to advance at some point. It is true that, in addition, unlock an ancestral history that can give them self-interest, but it se


ems like an easy way to force the exploration of the mapping in a somewhat unnatural way that can be frustrating, although it must be admitted that in no case case is forced to collect all, not even the majority, soIt is possible to comply with it on the fly .

World to the West (PC) screenshot

On the other hand, the lack of secondary or smaller tasks to complete is quite surprising. All objects are achieved relatively quickly so, except for some curiosity such as boxing matches or the collection of the own collectibles and health points, there is not much beyond looking for the achievement of the main story. This also leads to the money that is obtained in t


he game makes very little sense, because it accumulates in large quantities but there is hardly any opportunity to spend it. Here we have some elements that would constitute a good base point to broaden ideas regarding the comments on ways to encourage exploration that would give something more variety to the title.

The importance of good taste

However, it should be noted that the design of each stage is very well planned and some puzzles are a joy to solve, always relegating the combat, functional though limited, to an appropriate background. The structure of the same, in any case, varies greatly from one


to another: screens that are merely passing through and may contain absolutely nothing interesting, buildings or other buildings that contain some secret, places with some interest that surprisingly go completely unnoticed to the course of the plot, etc. We must al


so mention the shortage of dungeons to use, which are usually small and short structures with a very specific puzzle that requires cooperative action, and whose main impact on the gameplay is the way to getto them, in addition to the occasional final boss.

World to the West (PC) screenshot

On the audiovisual set, the element that most attracts attention is the artistic section and all the atmosphere that surrounds the world created by Rain Games. Despite the change of perspective, the designs follow a style very aligned with Teslagrad, and b


oth the soundtrack and the technical finish are at a good level . We have experienced some problems sometimes very isolated with the movement of some characters, but in terms of appearance, performance and functionality in general you can see a good job. I


n addition, the humorous tone marries surprisingly well with some not at all innocent subjects , which completes a set worth seeing in that childish and colored aesthetic. In short, we can see a remarkable work in this regard.