The first story missions gamer versed with the neighbors, and then makes a plan of revenge and begins to implement it. Each task is called The local raid: the hero appears at the beginning of the card, it is introduced into the swing of things, and then begins a brisk sweep of the area. Locations in Wolves of Midgard Unlike conventional battlefields of diablopodobnyh slashers – is long and narrow corridors with easy puzzles and optional boss at the end.

In addition to the core mission, the player is given a couple of extra jobs. Them destroy enemy totems, kill the right mobs or we clean some places on the map. For completing quests character gets a bonus in the form of three resources (wood, iron, and gold).

Bestiary of enemies is diverse and represents a rich Scandinavian folklore, historical chronicles, as well as the author’s imagination. In geography and changing locations is also no shortage, so the Vikings – Wolves of Midgard players will visit the ominous snow-covered wastelands, poisonous swamps, gloomy volcanic caves, green sunny pastures, exotic islands and other worlds, inhabited the northern gods.

There they will meet dire wolf, troll, Tomte, Jotun, Ettin, dvergov, witches, ghouls, and other Viking warriors of King Arthur, and even the soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire. Each enemy got its own characteristics, skills, size and strength, but also is able to withstand a particular class dashing hero and kill is not a single impact.


Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - review
In a menu implemented inventory, selection skills, character information and statistics.


The Wolves of Midgard gamers will have something to do between missions. For example, the need to develop a settlement to improve the building of a blacksmith, rune master and other important NPC.

In addition, players can engage in repeated raids on the already completed locations to obtain additional resources. They are earned in the Arena of the Gods – a map where a character must briskly destroy attracted waves of mobs. And if you get tired of it and then join a multiplayer game, and with a partner we clean the new locations.

Will what to do and in the inventory – to clear a space on rubbish, pick up equipment or insert into it a useful rune. Loot in the game is not as much as in other similar projects, but it drops enough to periodically for this pair of three-minute affair.

Things themselves and weapons are divided into standard RPG for gray, green, blue, purple and orange colors. They have light, medium and heavy properties and can be sold as a giver, or simply disposed of with the help of a special button with a basket in the inventory.


Bay, Slash, shoot, slash!


Battles in Vikings – Wolves of Midgard pass quickly, smartly and provocatively. However, the first mission is boring, because the developers did not bother to give characters even one active skill. That has literally zaklikivat virtual villains standard stroke.

But on the level of interest rolls up to the limit and I would like to pass the mission after mission while waiting for a new boss, fresh tactics, and what could be there to be honest, the further advancement of the plot.

Agility in the fighting and bring rolls. They are used constantly and frequently save lives when the opponent is on the split-screen in front of us.

Yes, and with the usual mobs easier to crack down if away from the crowds in the rift, and then destroy their active skills. Tumbleweed in the game have paid so much attention that the severity and type of armor affects their range, but in the character menu, except for the basic statistics shows the number of shoals made.


Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - review
To repel the attacks of ice giants.


The Vikings – Wolves of Midgard there are no classes. It all depends on which of the five Nordic gods (Tyr, Thor, Odin, Loki and Skadi) the player chooses to pray.

For example, to play a local version of the classic warrior with sword and shield, we must worship God Tyuru, and then select One gamer will run people here one mage with a two-handed stick.

At any time, you can change weapons on the other, but invested skill points back is impossible, so you have to either continue playing bezskillovym novice and re-gain experience, or decide at the beginning of the game, what direction to choose. As an option – to worship two gods at the same time, and skill points to divide between the distal and proximal weapons.