Here the blind heroine sees absolutely everything around him, once banging his cane on the floor or table. If it does not knock non-stop, the room became dark again, and she has to make monotonous action again.

How it works – it is not clear, and it looks, frankly, very strange, as if she is suffering not only from blindness, but also by periodic memory loss. And the right to the objects on location once moved, but no – if the character stands still, then everything else is not going away.

If you put aside the mechanics, which the authors explicitly considered the main feature of their project, Perception

It represents a trivial “simulator walk” with elements of horror. The heroine named Cassie enters the spooky house in New England, which for many years had to settle ghosts.

Talk in detail about the plot, I will not, because it requires the passage of no more than three hours, but most of the time it takes to study all kinds of objects and listening badly written dialogues and monologues.

And while other analogues are rapidly evolving and offer unusual ideas (as it was delightful for What Remains of Edith Finch of ), developers of PerceptionWe decided to make a copy of the earliest representatives of the genre, and add a pinch of inappropriate innovations.

The idea of a blind heroine sounded interesting, and certainly it has attracted many people who donated money to a Kickstarter, but eventually realized was just an idiot. The player not only has to wander around the house, but also constantly banging his stick on all the objects in a row, not to be in total darkness.

Due to the chosen style (what is happening is exactly the same as the detective mode in a series of Batman: Arkham ) all the objects painted in bluish tones, so no bright colors here will never see. Apparently, so the creators of Perception

We decided to mix the familiar “walking simulator” with horror – from time to time for Cassie begins to hunt terrible ghost.

His aggressiveness depends on how often the heroine utters loud sounds – if you knock a cane without stopping, he would rather pay attention and fly. Escape from it is very easy – just find shelter (a box, a bath with a curtain or the big picture) and hide there for a few seconds.

In addition, these interactive objects are highlighted with green, even if Cassie is on them at a distance of several meters. The same thing happens with doors, some of which are open not at once.

This solution makes the existence of the blind heroine even more senseless idea: how she entered the room and knocked on the carpet, understands that where there is and what you can interact? And why should she sees ghosts, and feel their presence, but so much so that the screen is filled with red?

Perception game review

Of course, without a room with children’s toys can not do.


terribly boring

And attempts to scare the developers have never come to fruition. Loud noises, sharp turns camera – all this we have already seen a thousand times in horror movies. Actress, voiced Cassie is trying to escalate the atmosphere of emotional cries, but it generally does not have any impact on the perception – all sounds too strained and theatrical.

Sometimes it uttered phrase in a couple of seconds, repeated distorted voice, but it is more amusing than awe-inspiring. At some points clearly understand what the authors were trying to achieve, but their ideas simply do not work in such a game.

Though so can be said about all other components of Perception. And there is a feeling that the developers knew it, but because by pressing a single button, you can always look forward Cassie in the right direction. That is, the player literally point the finger where you want to go further.

Nobody, of course, does not make use of this, but travels the heroine of a relatively large house, rather than a linear corridor, so entangled in it simple. And the color palette, because of which are often difficult to navigate in space, quickly bored.