The Dwarves

I’ve already talked about The Dwarves in previews . I recall that the German studio KING Art Games offers an interesting mix of large-scale battles, “sharpened” by the characters and their special abilities, and travel on the global map, in which periodically have to make difficult decisions.

The protagonist – a young dwarf-smith Tungdil whose relatives would call a freak and an outcast, because it cherished an orphan, brought up and educated people.

And it is not simple, and the wizards – and we all know how the gnomes hate magic. Of course, Tungdilu lives hard times – he is the only dwarf in the human lands, but because many of them laugh.

Nevertheless, when these lands begin to attack the hordes of orcs, dark elves led by local, Tungdil it challenges them. Together with his friends he novopriobretonnymi makes a dangerous journey home dwarves to forge a weapon that can stop the villains.

Salvage pause

In the preview, I wrote that in The Dwarves have excellent texts and interesting tasks, but no tactical battle breaks and the normal control is often turned into a bunch of little.

And expresses the hope that the writers do something with it. They really did – added the ability at any time to put the game on pause to the middle of a fierce fight involving dozens of characters and enemies calmly assess the situation and give orders to whom, who and how to attack.

This is not something to make a local battle easier. No, it is still hard to survive when several heroes waves rolled the crowd of opponents, and you need to switch between them quickly, competently use the unique abilities of each and yet at the same time fulfill different conditions – to catch the orc, fleeing with an important artifact blow stolko- the outputs of the caves or e.g. derail stone columns.

On the global map, you can travel quite freely, while constantly going on something interesting.

Adding to the complexity of it all still make the management and the camera, as well as “honest physical model”, because of which the characters occasionally crash into each other, stuck in the environment, or dumped things into the abyss from the bridge. But still need to try not to get hit by friendly fire – many attacks and inflict damage to enemies and allies.

But from a tactical pause fights became an order of magnitude more meaningful – juggling skills in a situation far more interesting.

Especially in the full version Tungdilu to join not only the familiar twin gnomes, but also other colorful characters with unique abilities. Among them are, for example, a circus artist who knows how to pretend to be dead, and strange gnomiha capable of taking control of the enemy.

Heroes for all occasions

The emergence of new characters in the team and opens up new opportunities on a global map, where sometimes played a very interesting text quests. In one of them the same impressive circus artist can be sent to seduce a lady to get her Quest item (otherwise it will have to pay for a round sum). The girl, who can pretend to be a dark elf, can use his charm to bring down the price for the support of mercenaries, which are very useful during the assault on the fortified camp of orcs.

Generally, the full version of these non-linear quests, and the situation has become so much more. Once we, for example, will have to investigate the theft committed by either a group of starving refugees, whether the gang of thieves. In the process several times will have to take difficult decisions, which will show that you are more important – money and respect or compassion.