Monsters Ate My Metropolis

Maps, monsters, the city

game is a card strategy with very simple rules. The user in the hand has three cards, each of which is responsible for causing damage to the city. All kinds of disasters, nuclear bombing aliens call for cutting lasers houses – options may be many, but they only need to carry out acts of vandalism. Everything is complicated by the fact that the city also has its own map, which he plays for his defense and to destroy the monster. So both sides and “beat” to each other, until either the city or the monster will not be erased from the face of the earth.

This is not all – each card has its own element, which can be found on its coloring. And as if in a game of “rock, paper, scissors”, one element can beat the other, if the opponents have played the appropriate card. For example, a user has selected the blue, and the other – the red. In this case, the holder will get blue doubling damage and damage caused by the second player is halved. On this opposition is based all the fun.

It makes sense to study the opponent’s cards to roughly represent what they flower, and make decisions based on that information. If he has two red cards and one – yellow, it is likely that you cast a blue result you will be positive. Note that the deck for the city was not a computer, but a living person, because the user is always attacking someone’s possession. But solutions for the defender takes the game itself. And he does it often illogical, not counterattacking card, even if there is an ideal opportunity. So, what kind of a deck or pack, it is likely to lose because of the stupid artificial intelligence.

The deck of the city and the monster deck – two different things, and each must constantly change in order to be ready for any situation. Take cards of the same item correctly – good results in such cases should not be expected. Get new features allow you to when buying sets of cards: for gold endows the usual bonuses, and for the “paid” currency – the rare and very powerful.

Monsters Ate My Metropolis game review

When the monster is poisoned, he starts to pose as funny faces.

End of the World

We think it is not necessary to explain what it brings imbalance in the game. User invest enough in the stocks of the city three or four strong cards, and does not want to “Donato” the player is unlikely to destroy it. Very strong attack indicators will lead to the fact that you can simply do not have time to do enough damage and die, getting in only a handful of coins as a consolation prize. But even they do not buy something decent. Pay real money, too, do not want to – for a set of ten cards asking about a thousand rubles, which is too expensive for such dubious pleasure.

Save a little extra features that Monsters Ate My MetropolisIt provides in battle and beyond. Playing card, the monster can inflict additional (critical) damage if the player completes the task on time, written on the screen – for example, will quickly press your finger on the screen or add it to the screen in a particular moment. It does not change things so dramatically that the user will destroy all the cities in one fell swoop, but if you combine this option with careful thinking through their moves, then the outcome is often favorable.

Winning and losing in the battle, the monster gets new levels and automatically “pumps” are some of their characteristics. Most often they are associated with specific elements and allow more damage when using those or other cards. Since only twelve cards can be put in the stocks, old inevitably become obsolete and are replaced by new ones, but because they can feed the monster to gain additional experience.

Every week, Monsters Ate My Metropolischosen the best players who have earned over the past seven days, the highest number of points. We latecomers have no chance to catch up with the leaders, so it is desirable from the first day to try and win as often as possible – only if there is a chance to get a reward. Obviously, week – too long, so you need to just devote all his time to the project, in order to win prizes.

Monsters Ate My Metropolis game review

Tips in the lower left corner allow us to understand what cards will be able to fight off the attack of the opponent.