World to the West

World to the West is an adventure in the open world, but all the locations are unlocked gradually. The fact that they are connected to each other tracks, most of which are either blocked or inaccessible to certain characters. And heroes in game four, and introduce them gradually – the first few chapters are devoted to stories about each of them.

Teslamanser Lumina, for example, falls into this world because of the unsuccessful experiment with a teleport – it can be considered a great reference to Teslagrad . She quickly teleports forward to a couple of meters and is able to interact with all the objects related to electricity.

The guy in the green cap Klaus is in bondage to the worst tyrants, causing children to work in mines. He was all my life sure is on the moon, but once he had seen a ray of sunshine made him doubt it. He had only to tell you about this discovery, “boss”, as it threw him.

Then we are introduced to Miss Teri, mesmerizing animals, and athlete-aristocrat Lord Kloningtonom – the most fun character of all four. Each character eventually finds out that his appearance in this world has been predicted – their faces are depicted in spaced throughout totems. Why is that and what keeps this place a secret, and they have to find out.

Unlike Teslagrad , people in the World of the Westactively communicate with each other, which makes many actors memorable. The main story of the stars from the sky is not enough, but it is not a bad call – it is just the usual.

The plot develops slowly, the main characters are introduced to other characters, learn a lot about the inhabitants of the world and some of its secrets. But the twists are not seen until the final, so willing to play only for the sake of history can be a bit boring.

Chests miss very difficult, even though they appear to be unremarkable.

But exploring the world is very interesting. Since the passage of the Lumina constantly come across disturbing fall in certain areas obstacles.

The small holes in the walls meet, the path is blocked by huge stones. However, an alternative way to the next objective is always a.

Claus driving, you begin to understand what was going on – to circumvent these obstacles can be only with his help. But it is not all-trades – for example, with inserted pins into the ground does not react, as only clinging to their scarf Teri allows to jump from one platform to another. Well Klonington destroys massive black doors on the way.

In this regard, often have to run through the same space for different characters, but use for this different ways. If rapidly rush through the story, a “backtracking” may seem like a disadvantage, but the presence of the characters with unique abilities which allows great interest to try to discover the secrets and hidden chests.

For example, in one of the first chapters of Klaus gets shoes that create a path beneath ice – with their help, he moves seamlessly between widely spaced islands that others can not afford. Themselves locations are quite extensive, but divided into small areas, the transition between them takes a couple of seconds.

Narrow specialization

At various skills built everything riddles. Who is able to teleport Lumina necessarily fall into place where platforms are located at different distances from each other – here we have to use ingenuity and find the most successful way to the goal. Miss Teri may at any time “to bewitch” running around near lisonka and use it to get to hard to reach areas, using the holes in the walls. Ingenuity of the authors begin to truly wonder when the same locations intersect the path of two completely different characters.