red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

– There were rumors that you fell from your horse, as usual – drunk, and folded his neck.
“I heard it myself, Bob, I even thought I was in hell, but then I realized it was just Nebraska.”
C / F “Unforgiven”, 1992

Back to the past

The decision of the writers is not to be continued, but the prequel is rather predictable.
The first Red Dead Redemption ended at the turn of the epochs: simultaneously with the adventures of John Marston in America, industrialization was in full swing.
And the way of life, mores and the people of the Wild West on their turn turned into memories.
Sharp arrows, bandits and horse thieves went into oblivion, and not just charismatic villain Van der Linde said, stepping into the abyss from the cliff: “Our time has passed.”
The sequel of this story would have become anything, but definitely not a western.
In addition, many charismatic heroes and villains simply did not live to the final titles of the first part.
And without them the continuation could seem … watery.
In this situation, the prequel is not only a rescue for a franchise entirely tied to the aesthetics of the Wild West.
But also a wise use of the unrealized potential of the original characters.
In the prequel, the gang of the Dutchman appears in his original version: the living Van der Linde is youthfully moving his magnificent mustache, and among the seven of the robbers are entirely familiar faces.
Including the main character RDR John Marston – even without scars and without a dream of becoming a farmer and a family man.
By the way, those scars should appear in the course of the plot of the second part: on one of the frames, John appears with fresh, scarcely wired wounds on his face.
Among the new characters – until the nameless Indian, who seems to be responsible for the arsenal of thugs.

Inglourious Basterds

The role of the alter ego of the player went to a certain Arthur Morgan.
Neither more nor less than the Holland’s right hand.
There is noticeable difference between the main characters of the two parts: Marston tried to bury the sins of the past to live peacefully with his family on his land.
But Morgan, like all the protagonists of the GTA , is primarily concerned with his criminal career and does not pretend to be a good guy.
Life out of the law determined the new gameplay element: henceforth the hero has his own operational center, he is the headquarters, he is also a transshipment base.
True, these are just a few modest tents, a bonfire and a dirty bowler hat.
The famous criminals of the Wild West lived without special amenities.
But, according to the available information
The player can improve his personal tent. On the toilet with a heating dream, of course, is not worth it, but a modest tin washbasin and a shaving mirror to put for sure will allow.
It’s not for nothing that the developers with a  pride that was not completely understandable to me announced that the beard of Morgan will grow in real time
Each of the desperate guys of the Dutchman will sooner or later turn to Arthur for help.
And having arranged accomplices, the main character himself will be able to count on their support.
 It sounds like the usual mechanics of quests for loyalty.
But the developers promise the system more complicated: good or strained relations with friends not only change the composition of the “support group”.
But also affect the course of the main plot and open alternative branches of the script.
In addition to the seven members of the gang, other colorful marginals will appear in the camp – side characters.
With them, the player will interact, carrying out petty requests.
Tasks to increase the authority and development of the settlement.
The headquarters and its surroundings will have to spend a lot of time, and if the player is away for a long time.
Upon the return of Arthur they will meet a heap of news about the events that happened in his absence.
 But the developers promise that they will not impose an unnecessary grind and pumping on the player.
And the fuss with camp life will remain optional.

Grand Theft Horse 2

For the adventures of John Marston, the Rockstar game designers have created such a convincing.
Lively and exciting open world that in the second part they have only one task: not to break something that already works like a clock.
Alas, the world of the game has not been told much yet: it is only known that the map has expanded and includes five spacious regions in the south of the present United States.
Judging by the swamps and alligators in the trailers, the events will unfold somewhere in Louisiana.
There will be more water in the game spaces: the heroes will almost certainly travel by canoe and finally learn to swim.
Not without reason in the trailer showed a detachment of riflemen, wandering along the chest in the water.
But the main means of transportation in the Wild West is, of course, horses.
The mechanics of the first part will add concern for animals: the faithful horse can now be groomed and cherished, buy him fashionable saddles, change harness and so on.
The “pumped” horse will drive away the wolves in the wild wastelands, will not drop the rider.
Frightened of the bear, and the host’s whistle will be heard from the verst.
 On horse, finally, you can load equipment and weapons – all the time to carry a heavy hard drive no longer have to.
 The most interesting is that if a trained horse dies in combat.
It will not be replaced by the same “Roach”: you will have to buy a new horse and train it from scratch.
Additional missions, which shone the first RDR.
In the second game should become even more interesting and deeper
According to the assurances of the Rockstar workers, no less than the main story.
And many tasks will have several solutions at once.

Colonel Colt all called

In the combat system of the revolution it is not planned.
It is unlikely that the firing will become less spectacular and intense.
 Here I really care about only one question: will the developers remove the autonavigation?
In the first part, the sight tightly adhered to the victim.
It was only necessary to pull the revolver out of the holster.
And any complicated skirmish could be passed in a primitive but effective way.
Took out weapons, fired with autogood, hid, and again got it.
Someone will just be happy about this possibility.
But personally I hope that Rockstar will not leave loopholes for the weak in spirit.
The new element of the arsenal is the Indian bow: Arthur will use this silent weapon on the hunt, and, knowing the previous works of Rockstar, it is most likely not only there.
In the trailers, the hero cleverly fired from two hands.
It is possible that the player will have the same gameplay option.
Although the real arrows of the Wild West used to use their free hand in order to cock the trigger.
There is a chance to get an updated system of hand-to-hand fighting: in the videos, emphasis was put on the fistfight.
A particularly dashing action I expect from the multiplayer: according to the leak.
Rockstar is preparing several modes at once, among which will be the popular “royal battle” nowadays .

A role-playing western?

Some new elements seem to have come to the project from the genre of role-playing games.
For example, NPCs will begin to observe the regime of the day, as in Skyrim.
And depending on the time of day in the same gateway it will be possible to meet both a simple trader and a smuggler.
In addition, much attention was paid to communication with non-player characters.
The user not only chooses the answers in the dialogues, but also changes the tone and emotions of Morgan.
If the sheriff makes a remark for inappropriate behavior.
But such tricks work only to a certain extent.
If you commit bloodshed in a saloon or on a busy street.
The servants of the law will simply shoot you without any chatter; no “search stars” from the GTA is provided.
But pumping skills and increasing characteristics will bypass Arthur Morgan side – and this, perhaps, for the better.
 Let the experiment with the development of the hero in the GTA: San Andreas and remains an experiment.

While the trunks are silent

The system of hunting became more complex and realistic: after hunting and killing some deer.
We can instantly “take off” from it only a part of the resources – valuable horns for example.
But in order to refresh the prey and get to the meat.
You have to drag the carcass to the camp, and without the mentioned horse there is nothing.
In addition, such perishable products will quickly fade away.
Mechanics are far from key, but still add a certain degree of atmospheric quality.
Yes, classes are not the most interesting,but for the sake of justice we note that the real inhabitants of the Wild West did all this much more often than robbed trains.
The main thing is that developers bring to mind the economic system.
In the first game there were not so many opportunities to spend savings.
Personally, I completely emptied the virtual purse only once for the passage.
When I dropped everything to a cent on the stakes in the “hit with a knife between the fingers.”