That the transfer of Red Dead Redemption 2 means for competitors

More recently, all of the major publishers have breathed a sigh of relief: it will be possible to earn in the future New Year period without fear that gamers will descend all the money on one single game’s main competitor. This, of course, talking about the classic western by GTA creators.

Transfer of Red Dead Redemption 2, probably, it is no a surprise. Rockstar – the developer, a perfectionist, a sort of Blizzard, only works in a different genre. Rockstar Games is almost never come on time.

Take Two – kind of publisher. At that time, all the other big companies come in the wake of the shareholders, Take Two is not afraid to anger the securities holders, tearing all the time. And then the company produces the perfect gaming products, which themselves are shareholders just pray.

Of course, the RDR – not GTA: was not she arcade roots and many years of glorious history, and got only one piece with one DLC. However, the game immediately began to lay claim to the status of Grand Theft Auto, and there is no doubt that sooner or later it will gain. That is why other publishers are so happy when they found out that the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 postponed for 2018 th year.

This means that the Christmas holidays this year RDR2 leave at the mercy of competition. At Rockstar Games has the effect of a commercial black hole they can suck out all the money from the market.

Not only that – it is a question of detailed and large open worlds that since GTA V release there was also a strong online component. That is absorbed by not only the means but also the attention of buyers. And for at least a week, and sometimes for months.

May – June are traditionally considered the beginning of the “dead” period, but experience shows that Rockstar games sell well, anytime, whether it’s a vacation or holiday season.

It just so happens (especially in the western practice), the most impressive performance of sales observed in the pre-New Year period. Accordingly, most publishers are always trying to catch the end of the fall – the beginning of winter, adjusting its developers. But Take Two, as already mentioned, not one of them.

It has affected the business of large retailers. For example, GameStop after the strong financial results of the 1st quarter wanted to release an optimistic outlook on the 4th, but after learning about the transfer of Red Dead Redemption 2, still decided to stick with a cautious conservative estimate.

Cannibalization of everything from the RDR 2 can not be afraid, but other stores are now fears: will be delivered there really a top seller? Christmas line-up looks a bit weak this year.

In the past there were 1 Battlefield, Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall 2 and more. In 2017 there is nothing major from Bethesda and Square Enix, 2K silent as a partisan (hardly 3 Borderlands will appear for the new year), Ubisoft moved its Far Cry 5 to 2018 minutes.

Of high-profile events of the upcoming Christmas holidays only Star Wars can be called: Battlefront 2 with the head of the Empire (they have cookies), the return of Need for Speed, and Destiny 2. And then: the second part of many to show the way, great quality … DLC to original Destiny. Not the best response.

A similar situation – with the iron. The previous Christmas were two slim version of the current generation of consoles, a fundamentally new PS4 Pro and head-mounted display PS VR. At this time for all the sweat will have to Project Scorpio from Microsoft.

The situation as a whole, is clear: Take Two with its Red Dead Redemption 2 generously gave all competitors a chance, but how and what will be sold – is unclear. Cleave to the incredible surprises during the E3 2017.