Red Dead Redemption 2 – Official Trailer Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally real and will be available next spring of 2018. These are the leakedties in the trailer released on the release of all Rockstar Games channels. A trailer focused entirely on the plot and presents the characters and the context in which we will operate. Red Dead Redemption 2 , to the detriment of the title issue, would in fact look like a prequel: we understand from the appearance of Dutch van der Linde, a name known to those who played Red Dead Redemption.
However, the real protagonist of the trailer is not the Dutch trumpet, but another outlaw, Arthur Morgan, who will make his way into the ruthless world of the Wild West.
For the rest, the trailer runs fast, through a careful direction that points everything to pathos and spectacularity, through races, duels with double revolvers, running trains, and explosions. It is difficult to make suppositions, especially on the historical context and characters, but the elements are still lacking. The first thing that jumps on the eye is the stylistic footprint adopted in this new chapter: as outlined in our live during the revealof the game, the colors are much darker.
This stylistic choice suggests a much more serious and raw tone than the ones in the first chapter, which in turn had a color scale tending to warm colors to emphasize the classic and desert Far West atmosphere. While on the one hand, we see a stylistic change, on the other we find a typical representation of the frontier world: it is the look of Arthur Morgan, with its blond hair, blue eyes and well-marked features, remembers a bit the classic American cowboy at John Wayne.

But apart from a first aesthetic analysis, we know that Rockstar differs from a typically traditional view of the issues dealt with in its productions. The same Red Dead Redemption breaks the dualistic structure of good against bad guys, understood as cowboys vs. indians, or sheriff vs bandits, or more generally Law vs. Incivility, so typical of the Western Spaghetti film production.

An example of this rupture is the former protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, John Marston, who is out of jeopardy about everything to rehabilitate his figure and his family. A character that goes from black to white and evolves. The figure of John Marston is therefore a symbol of a dynamic and profound narrative, and we are confident enough to be present in the new chapter as well.

This expectation is also associated with the juicy varieties of scenery shown in the trailer: snowy mountains, cities with grocery, saloon and dirt road, rich houses, endless prairies. In short, there is everything. The diversity of gaming environments implies a variety of gameplay (already in the first Red Dead Redemption ) that well suits the open world of the series.
In addition to bandits and spurs, another typical symbol in Far West’s imagination is the pellerossa. Through a short trailer scene we understand that they will also appear in Red Dead Redemption 2 . The man who talks to Morgan has a hair and a design that remembers the members of the Pawnee tribe. They settled around the 16th century in Nebraska, but during the 18th they moved to Oklahoma and the surrounding territories, including New Mexico and Colorado.
The hypothesis that the man appeared in the trailer is part of the Pawnee, an intense and bloody tribe in popular culture, finds credit, as the fictitious universe of Red Dead Redemptionis set in the southwestern states, including Colorado and New Mexico.
However, we do not know what role the Native Americans might play. In the setting years of the first chapter, while having some influence on a plot, they differ from the stereotypes of the western epic. This is because in 1911 the Indian wars were already over, and a classical representation of bowls armed with bow and arrows and screams on horses would seem anachronistic. It is necessary to see what role they will have in Red Dead Redemption 2 , which, being a prequel to the assumptions, would be set in the late 19th century.
But let’s take a step back and go back to the bow and the arrows: the Pawnee warriors – and in general the different Indian tribes – used these weapons, especially for hunting or to make an ambush. However, in Red Dead Redemption 2 , they will not be an exclusive to the Native Americans: in the trailer we see Morgan hunting a bow with arrows and arrows.

It looks like Red Dead Revolver fans – the 2004 release on Xbox and PlayStation 2 – were satisfied. An addition that gives a stealthy and at the same time wild title to the title. However, it would be ridiculous to limit the wild term to the use of arc and arrows alone. Despite the universe of Red Dead Redemption