The number of Americans over 50 who regularly play games is steadily growing

Over the past three years (from 2016 to 2019), the number of adults over 50 who regularly spend time playing video games has increased from 38% to 44%. Such an interesting study held in USA American Retirement Association (AARP).

The survey involved 3737 people aged 50 years and older. According to its results, 1664 respondents were identified as gamers – that is, they own a gaming device (phone / smartphone, tablet, game console or computer) and play on it at least once a month. 49% of the total number of women surveyed played games, while among men this indicator was lower – 40%.

57% of those who did not play video games said they were just “do not bind themselves to them”. Only 5% of respondents referred to a lack of understanding of how technology works, and only 9% thought that the games are for young people.

Gamers from the 50+ category spent an average of five hours a week playing games. 47% of respondents said that they play every day (in 2016, 40% said so), and four out of five respondents played at least once a week.

73% of these “gamers” they chose their phones or smartphones for games, while 47% used computers and laptops. Console gamers among people over 50 were not so many – 13%. The most favorite genres are puzzles and logic games (49%), as well as card games (not to be confused with review) – 47%. The same number of respondents (5%) prefer adventure militants and shooters.

When asked why they play video games, 76% “gamers aged” reported that they do it to have fun. 67% said that it helps them keep their mental abilities in order, while 63% of those surveyed like to challenge themselves and solve problems. In addition, people at the age of the game help to get rid of boredom (60%) and reduce stress (57%).

AARP estimates that adults aged 50 and over spent $ 3.5 billion on games in 2019.

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