Red Dead Redemption 2 and the C64 Mini in What’s Up September 24-30

News of the week

Let’s open right away with what was the most anticipated news of the past few days – the new Red Dead Redemption 2 video . Without revealing yet a specific date of release (remains on the generic “spring 2018”), the video brings us closer to the protagonists , telling us that we will actually follow the gang of Van der Linde gangs – you will surely remember in cast of the original Red Dead Redemption . Also, we learn that the main character of the story will be the rocky outlaw Arthur Morgan, whom we expect to find out more details.
We stay at Rockstar House to talk about LA Noire on Nintendo Switch , which as we said before officially debut on November 14th. While waiting for the release, the development team officially confirmed that the game will have different resolutionsdepending on the mode of use: in TV mode, then with a dock-connected switch, it will reach 1080p while in portable mode will turn a 720p. In either case, the frame rate should be set at 30 fps, but on the latter detail we are still waiting for the official confirmation.
Of course, Cole Phelps may not be the only son of Take-Two to step into the world of Nintendo Switch: according to the same insider who had successfully anticipated the arrival ofLA Noire  on the console would be a matter of patience before seeing GTA V porting . Obviously, as long as there is no official announcement, we can only treat the news as a corridor voice.
We completely change the subject to talk about Assassin’s Creed Origins , who was certainly among the protagonists of the week. The new Ubisoft title, in fact, triggered an important project, known as the Hieroglyphics Initiative: Thanks to its means, the French house is using machine learning to create an open source resource that can help Egyptians translate holograms more quickly.
If it should go as expected, experts believe that it could also help non-environmental people approach the Ancient Egyptian world, more easily discovering the meaning of hieroglyphs.
With good peace of those who think video gamers just do not waste time (yes yes, someone still supports it, ndr ), in short, Ubisoft takes a lot to the historical context in which he wants to take us to his new Assassin’s Creedto the point that he announced that in 2018 an update will also be available that will wander through the Games of Ancient Egypt proposed in the game without fights or enemies .
 In this way, we can follow guided tours, some signed by prestigious scholars, which will allow us to virtually visit the greatest beauties and the greatest wonders that have characterized this civilization, faithfully reproduced within the game.
Now as we are, we can not speak of Origins’s playfulness as a means of entertainment, but we can already say that it is commendable how Ubisoft works to bring together entertainment and culture.
In the week, always on Assassin’s Creed Origins , we’ve also talked about costly curiosity: the official headphones have been presented , available in a gold variant of only  $ 50,000. To accompany them, also the exclusive bust of Bayek, the protagonist of the title, which in turn costs € 12,000. In total, therefore, putting the side set at your desk to make you nice with friends would cost you 62,000 €.
We also talk about hardware, reporting that it was officially announced C64 Mini : if the name reminds you of something, it’s just what you are thinking of, a reduced version of the legendary Commodore64 with 64 games included. The appointment with the console is set for next year, when it will be launched on the market at a cost of 79.99 €. Nostalgic friends, the video game industry has always centered on your thoughts!
Meanwhile, Razer , a giant PC gamer accessory, has announced that he will keep a close eye on the mobile gaming market, to the point that he is currently working on a platform that should debut by the end of the year .
At the moment no further details were anticipated, but stay on our pages to not lose them. In the midst of all this, Andrew House, president of PlayStation, talked about PlayStation Vita, saying there is no market for this type of product . According to the manager, smartphones have supplanted the portable consoles in our gaming habits on the go, which is why Vita no longer has reason to be. In the face of Switch’s existence, House said that, being hybrid, it is a console that has a different philosophy.
Flash news also for some well-known video games: apparently, next year Sony will say goodbye to Gravity Rush 2 online services , while it seems that Atlus is meditating on a possible release even on PC’s of its great Persona 5 . Space is also the now forever The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , welcoming the survival mode : in it, you’ll have to worry about cold, food, thirst, disease and health, to deal with a region that has no mercy, and that does not give you the quick trip. Years of experience in the north of Tamriel will serve something? The new mode, apparently, wants to challenge you to prove it.

Reviews of the week

I am definitely not missed the reviews: one of the most inevitable , of course, the one of the anticipated and ruthless Cuphead , who made our dumb Valthiel out of the gangheri thanks to a level of difficulty not really for everyone. To a great challenge, the game sparkles an extraordinary artistic direction, even if it is said that someone could launch the controller on the screen before reaching the last level! (Vote 8.5) .
Another awesome review was that of Divinity: Original Sin 2 , which holds true to the high expectations by dragging the player into an extraordinary, rich and all-around world, where to face refined fighting and live a story with great mastery. Only new, even in this case, a level of difficulty that could discourage anyone who is less practical than that (vote 9.0) .
Great War for Total War: WARHAMMER II , which positively hit us with its enormous characterization map, with a deeper and articulated management part and a well-groomed graphic compartment. Conversely, the game clearly leaves room for future DLC and optimization does not excel (Score 8.5) .