Little Nightmares

Tarsier Studios actually managed to reconcile the irreconcilable: the cruelty, rude naturalism and placed in a fabulous context in which any monster must be an enchanted prince. In the cartoon, where predatory coyote, no matter how clever he may be, can not catch up with the Road Runner.

Dwelling in the kitchen chef is ugly and scary, but are you sure that he zamahnis his saber at the girl, then there will be something comical: he or slips, or sneezes.

Here you do not believe in violence, there should not be a serious place of fear and terror. And the more you lie the fabulous mask of this world, the stronger the sense of controversy whenever it is reset.

When the sixth (the main character) gets into the clutches of monsters, frames are carved alleged murder. Or, a fatal outcome were not there, and the girl was able to get out and run away? After falls or electrical shock it back to the “checkpoint” and gets up as if someone had carefully carried her body back.

Or she just had a terrible dream … The specifics of the local horror effect is original. Creepy here becomes hazardous because of the environment, but on the contrary, because of the ignorance that is in yellow hood sixth.

A player from the outset is in a situation where nothing is clear. Complete ignorance on the one hand, causes the build hypothesis; on the other – it creates an atmosphere of disturbing mystery.

About the same as it did Limbo. Event number of meaning here, and the identity of the heroine – almost pure abstraction. What is happening can be interpreted as a metaphor for anything.

History is not a step-by-step to fill the hole. Because the whole story as such is not here, and we understand from the outset that the alpha and omega of this play is a mystery.

We are afraid of one thing – themselves

Later fairytale motifs give way is not the children’s nightmares. The heroine has to eat rats, monsters chop off hands, your expectations are illusory: naturalism in the frame becomes more and more, and you can not believe that somewhere spilled blood. And she poured out.

The developers have identified a non-trivial face of fear and made it the basis of his creation.

All the nightmares have one root – misunderstanding. And the whole visual range is subordinated to one goal – to create a contrast of comfort and danger, thereby knocking out the player from under the feet of the foundation of common sense. In the middle of the room a lonely chair at him one can see the legs hanged … You just walk by universal absurdity: the world itself, and you – the asylum itself something dare not inquire.

“Why such long arms you have?”
This is not the case that each location has a history that can be recovered, guided by logic and facts. Surreal situation: rooms are integrated into the maze of industrial space, toy trains and doll lying next to the fridge with corpses, coziness abruptly replaced atmosphere concentration camps, children’s story punctuated with a terrible cold reality of the prison canteen and showers, which leaky pipes snake pattern entwine the wall.

Meeting with monsters like “hatter” with elongated limbs, generally led to believe that under the hood – Alisa Lyuisa Carroll (Lewis Carroll). Or rather, American McGee (American McGee) …

Nevertheless, look for logic in an event as possible. To some extent your constructions will be a subjective interpretation, to some – based on objective facts.

Against the backdrop of the unfolding scene in which you can find hints. The developers have mastered the formula for success Inside and exploited it to the full.
Living environment against the background of a total mystery and narrative void glows curiosity, causes the player to generate the proper sense, to seek an explanation and get a strange satisfaction from a painted himself painting.

Limbo and Inside discovered a strange experience that is hard to explain the specific techniques of game design. It called it “a pleasure to be in the game.”

The Little Nightmareit is “good to be” born and melody with lullabies motives and awkward grace of a heroine, and stylistic unity of all visual components, and many other factors that are difficult to isolate.