We’ve seen everything in this independent sector that is far from what it was when many began to discover it thanks to icons such as Braid or Minecraft – the latter become a symbol of how far the simplest of ideas can go – It is something taken for granted. But luckily, that passion, that freedom aside from the conventions from time to time gives us surprises like this

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Submerged of Uppercut Games – EPOCH series -, although as you will see it is far from being what its premise promises, the truth is that gives us moments that


we can count among the most beautiful of the present 2015. But let’s start at the beginning, for the story of two brothers …

Miku and Taku travel in a canoe with a motor drifting. And when the game begins we see them arrive at a strange place, a ” mysteriously flooded city covered in vegetation “.


Miku needs to find shelter for her wounded brother, Taku, before starting to collect the supplies she will need to cure him, because the boy is sick. To do this, you will first have to find the supplies.


You must explore with your ship and your telescope, find hidden caches and climb the ruined buildings to recover them. This is basically everything we will do, together with secondary objectives more in the field of collectibles.

Submerged (PC) screenshot

The beautiful story of Submerged forgets complicated cinematics and builds its plot background based on drawings that we must interpret, and that seem to tell us the story of a human civilization that lives in communion with water, forgotten about the modern rhythm and the technology that a once reached, as well as a more catastrophic destination for the cities


of the past. In fact, if we want to know what happened, because this small archipelago of sports stadium lights, broken bridges, gigantic statues,


hotels, hospitals and ghost wheels was flooded, we must recompose it by ourselves, converting what would be a secondary mission like finding the 60 secrets scattered all over the stage in one part of the main plot, if what we want is precisely that,

Submerged (PC) screenshotSubmerged (PC) screenshot

The extras are so important that even the newspaper in which we see them is assigned a front button of the control pad. With the telescope we will look for objectives and they will be added alone to our guide HUD, that if we want to make more the immersion sensation we can disconnect. The provisions are essential to take care of our brother, and for them we will have to explore


all the buildings of that island-city from which we never touch the water. To move we have a boat that becomes our most precious means, since through it


we can move from one point to another of the open map – quiet, we will have a map to avoid getting lost-, and we can even customize it looking for the beached boats, which will boost our boat and they will give us an extra boost of momentary speed. Its handling is as simple as pleasant,

Submerged (PC) screenshot

Once we reach the constructions that we can explore, the second of the main mechanics comes into play: Climbing. In itself is not bad, is the direct heir of the system seen in other games like Enslaved Ninja Theory, in that at all times we know where we need to go and only requires moving the stick and press X to jump -which is not We can do by the way when we walk.


When we find the main objective we will automatically return to the base scenario, but if there is no objective, only secrets, then we will have to retrace the whole way in reverse, which becomes tedious at times.