Sword Art Online fatal bullet review

Sword Art Online is a franchise closed to outsiders. And best of all this is proved by games, including  Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet .

Those who did not see the primary source in their eyes, can not understand what is happening – there’s a lot of unfamiliar characters, some strange events, different worlds, story arches.

In general, hell. I will nevertheless try to outline the situation with Fatal Bullet at least in general terms.

The events of the new game take place in the world of Gun Gale Online.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet gameplay

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 This is a VRMMORPG in the universe sword art online game, which you need to play in the helmet of virtual reality.

And Gun Gale Online refers to the “Ghost Pool” – the third story arc in this crazy universe.

From all the other arches, it is different in that here players prefer all sorts of swords and blades to firearms.

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That’s right: the characters of Sword Art Online from time to time play different VRMMORPG, and in our case it’s about Gun Gale Online. Remember the novel “The first player to get ready” or at least the “Matrix” – in both cases, the analogy will be suitable.

Just be prepared for the fact that the plot in the new game still consists entirely of cliches.

For some amount of an impressive history one must go to the source.

And here only a stupid grind for the sake of grind, and nothing you do with it.

In the scenery of the wild anime post-apocalypse (from an old age of ten images).

The heroes skilfully skip through the locations and fired from all the trunks.

Fatal Bullet is an action from a third party, in which characters do not know how to stick to shelters, but they happily take on the monotonous quests for shooting mobs.

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The purpose of this whole thing is simple – gain experience, pump out the characteristics, get weapons more powerful and take the same tasks to shoot mobs, but more difficult.

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In fact, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – MMO without MMO. Perhaps this is the most correct description of the game.

Here, as in any MMO, the player first adjusts the appearance of his character.

However, as the sliders in the editor do not move.

It will still turn out to be something beyond the bounds of kavaynoe – at once you can not tell whether it’s a boy or a girl.

I understand everything, but in fact I do not understand nicherta.

There are also normal male characters in the anime and manga – remember Alucard from “Hellsing” or Gats from “Berserk”. And here is what?

In general, all right. After your Kawaii hero is loaded into the game, he meets Kureh, a childhood friend for a player or someone like her.

The girl in Gun Gale Online is a veteran.

In the game she is almost from the very start.

The company will make you a virtual android.

Which will also be close to the very end.

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After a long acquaintance with the mechanics of the characters fall into the city, where they meet other characters, probably known to the fans of Sword Art Online.

This is the most dreary part of the Fatal Bullet: an hour and a half you will run from one point to another and read empty dialogs with wooden NPCs.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet release date

Initial release date : February 23, 2018
Gen: Action role-playing game
Editor: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Serie: Sword Art Online
Platforme: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Very dubious pleasure even for a big fan of anime.

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The drawn start is generally the misfortune of Japanese games, but the introduction of Fatal Bullet can take on a length of time even with the incredibly long beginning of Persona 5.

And the beginning for what we all gathered here is shooting.

Palette from a firearm in the Fatal Bullet is nice.

But the main action in life for you it still will not.

This is a good arcade shootout, but no more. Not annoying, and okay. More weapons in bulk. True, there is no tangible difference between guns.

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Fun adds an energy cat-hook, with which you can climb higher, and all sorts of rumblings, jerks and evasions.

However, the sense of this is not enough, because with the enemies in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet trouble.

Residual lands (locations outside the city) wander scorpions.

Soldiers, elite warriors, flying robotic bees, but they have one problem – a meager set of attacks.

The first time to fight with the same scorpion.

Which only knows how to hammer on the heroes of the tail.

Is entertaining, but then it starts to lose its temper.


They are a little smarter: they can raise brothers and sometimes imitate competent attacks and try to retreat.


Still there are bosses, for which you should shake the characters.

Because if the levels do not match, then the boss can grab.