List of the best games in the style of anime on pc 2017

Luna Online – new  version of Japanese MMORPG

Once Luna Online was closed as superfluous, gamers lost interest, but the backbone of the anime fans stayed and was disappointed. Time passed and the project is revived, already aimed at Europeans, on the broad masses.

Luna Online can easily enter in the best anime games . Mimishnost advantage is maximum focus on plush characters, of which there are countless, to create the appearance can be very (50 thousand species of upper garment) and pumped at 116 branches of the plot, which gives about 500 skills total score.

Though the game and shine kind characters, but it is not aimed at single and clan battles, not to the capture and transmission of locks, there are other possibilities:

  1. Construction of dwelling – welcome guests, we arrange furniture and decor are improving;
  2. Pets – pet from the pet grow in the presence of 100 species;
  3. Agriculture – the purchase of seeds, courting plantings, creating a garden;
  4. Kraft vehicles – motorcycles, cars, UFOs;
  5. And the sea of ​​other opportunities: fishing, craft trinkets and trade.

Peaceful interaction in the game is much more than a battle worth of dates and lush wedding. This work takes the first place in the list of the best anime games on the PC in 2017.

Peria Chronicles – to build cities and grow pets

Peria Chronicles as the previous game is aimed at nyashnost characters, this effect is achieved by the graphics – it sounds as if drawing created by the artist on the canvas. What can be emphasized in the game:

  1. PVP battles are present, but the main role performed by pets, the owner is away, and command what is happening;
  2. The construction of new settlements and the destruction of the old, but it’s not happening for gamers desire. Cities arise in places of frequent congestion characters, and where no one goes, they disappear;
  3. Control remains with the gaming community, the rules dictate community.

This can be called MMORPG unusual and exciting. Fascinating world of fantasy will not release the player from the monitor for a long time. It is safe to say that the best anime games replenished with a new great work that will fit into their ranks.

Metal Assault – mass kroshilovo zombies, robots, monsters

In general, Metal Assault – old forgotten game in 2012, which has undergone a rebranding and is now conquering the world again. Recommended for old school gamers enjoyed dandy, Sega and conquer the 2D world. Now we have to soak the zombies, robots and other monsters.

The plot is simple: we are looking to create a super genius device that will save the world from the global crisis in the power supply.

Also there is the multiplayer, where you can put together a team and fight wall to wall, to capture the enemy base, or come up with their adventure.

The game is well developed weapon system of interchangeable sets of ammunition, some improvements to the main character and consumables.

Tree of Savior – gorgeous fantasy walker

Tree of Savior – creation for fans of PvP battles and massive batches. It all looks beautiful, no bloody mess, graphics and panache betray gamers good mood mysterious fantasy world.

What can be emphasized in the game:

  1. A large number of locations (about 200 pieces);
  2. Similarity to Ragnarok Online (some developers);
  3. Classes of character to 100 pieces;
  4. A huge number of bosses.

In general, all as always, a lot of PVP, raid bosses, kraft clothes. There is a peculiarity – character development, only 80 levels, but you can ruin the Persian vlegkuyu, selecting the wrong branch of development.


Above was a list of the best games in the style of anime on the PC in 2017. Choose and play. Anime panache, and the plot at all exciting. Colorful PVP, massive battles and breeding of pets will not get bored. Good luck!