Accel World vs Sword Art Online

Unexpected meetings
It is not the first time that the two series intersect on the gaming terrain: Black Lotus, in fact, the protagonist of Accel World, was featured as an extra unlockable character in Lost Song, the other title of the studio produced by Studio Artdink, a team that dealt with even of the realization of this crossover.
Similarities are evident right away; even though the presence of the protagonists from Accel World contributes to further reinforcing a huge roster of usable characters, it is clear that this is a “enhanced” version of the previous title they made, and we could also consider it a real sequel.
Fans must therefore be aware of the obvious gameplay detachment of what is seen in Hollow Fragment and Hollow Realization: while they make exploration and a gameplay similar to an MMO their strength, Studio Artdink titles are mainly focus on the development of the plot through more linear quests and exploiting the character features of the characters to get as fast as possible to their goals as well as to fight.
The Accel World characters to move faster will have to exploit the super jump and the dash burst; unfortunately during these flying fights these different mechanics will often make it difficult to use them and will require so much practice to make the most of their use.
Accel World vs Sword Art Online
The VR is not just a game
If you have already played the previous Artdink title you will be able to get used to the gameplay right away, thanks to some minor improvements and improvements: the use of skills is much simpler and more intuitive. By no longer requiring the need to unpack and refine weapons to use them but having two convenient shortcut menus , they simply need a cooldown of a few seconds after using them, timers absent from magical abilities that will continue to use the MP bar as usual. 
Another liked feature is the ability to choose to control a different character of the team freely, allowing us to concatenate several combo in succession. It’s also very important to keep in mind that the artificial intelligence of our companions is bad: when we see clearly that a boss is loading an attack we know to be devastating, our friends will often and will gladly ignore the danger by placing it in front of it, and if we will not even pay attention to them (by managing the commands and the single control of each character) we will find ourselves battling most of the battles on their own.
Accel World vs Sword Art Online
Fly, oh oh!
It seems that developers have also taken into account the criticisms of the flight system, considering more than just a method of moving just faster rather than being a fun feature; As a result, they tried to make it an integral part of the game, adding that pinch of exploration to the pursuit of the quest.
 The problem is that it was done in the wrong way:except for cases where the landmark is well-marked on the map, many goals in history will not be reported at all, with clues that only serve in the dialogues of history (for example, the southwest direction will be highlighted in orange ) but if we are distracted or maybe we just want to pause, that will not be present anywhere else, even in the menu, which will explain in a very generic way the goal to be achieved. 
Or, in other cases, some points of interest will not even be reported either inside the map or history, forcing us to repeatedly explore a poor and devoid environment that can somehow help.