The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Let’s start by reviewing the main novelties introduced by Survival Mode. First of all we find a couple of significant limitations, such as  the absence of the fast travel system and the reduction of transportable weight.
 Quick moves enabled players to visit the various map locations at any time of the game, except for sites that had not yet been visited. Already, in good times, it is a shame that in the new mode we will be forced to explore Skyrim lands by moving with our legs or, best of all, riding – do not forget about trusted carriages and boats.
We will also pay close attention to the items we will bring with us, since the inventory allows us to store a very limited amount: the transportable weight drops to the threshold of 150 units, including even arrows and grimmers, items that in standard mode do not weigh and that they could be accumulated in an almost infinite number. As if that was not enough,
Even more diabolically interesting is the new system that regulates Health, Vigore and Magicka. The three main parameters are now associated with three new mechanics, respectively Cold, Hunger and Fatigue , the three Fs of Survival Mode, in practice.
Skyrim is the North region, the best warriors of Tamriel, a breed hardened by the cold hostile of these frosty lands. That said, let’s imagine how much the developers have had to make this setting a real hell for Survival Mode players. Cold will gradually reduce the health bar and the only way to counter this unpleasant effect is, of course, to warm up.
The armor gives a heat bonus, a bonus that will be marked by a specific value that will determine the resistance to freezing – you will find that heavy armor will have the highest values, but look at their weight. In the absence of suitable equipment, you can always heat up near a fire, light a torch or swallow a hot soup.
 Each area of ​​the map will have its own thermal conditions and, thankfully, the graphical interface will suggest the temperature of the area where we are located through specific indicators. Are too good developers?
No problem. In order to make our spawns even cheaper, health regeneration has been disabled, but there are two options to trigger it and recover lost HPs: use a recovery spell or, of course, eat.

Food has always been present in  The Elder Scrolls , visiting Skyrim we can even get into recipes and delicacies books that some player has dared to recreate in real life by consulting those same virtual thomas. Only with Survival Mode, however, these simple items can now perform their true function.
Eating will be indispensable to address the dangers that lie in the North region:  while we will be hungry, the Vigore bar will be reduced and malus will increase with the appetite. This will affect our movements perceptibly, limiting, for example, the speed of our sliders and the effectiveness of the parades, as well as the speed of the character during the shots.
However, it is not enough to eat any kind of food; indeed, it is imperative to avoid raw meat; this will not bother us as much as that cooked and, in addition, it will risk getting food poisoning, other debuffs that will limit the benefits of food consumption. In fact, some cooking lessons would not drift.
Wizards friends (and not only) will do well to get some more sleep before embarking on another dungeon. In a very similar way to the two above-mentioned mechanics,  Fatica will limit the total amount of Magicka usable by our exhausted Dovahkiin .
This malus does not only affect spells, but also the potency of potions and the ability to regenerate both Magicka and Vigore. All this will be solved with a restful night, preferably in a sheltered bed, being the only way you will get the Ben Bonus bonus. Ah, I almost forgot:  only by sleep you can go up the level . A great news for Oblivion’s veterans.