Fire Emblem creator launches Vestaria Saga tactical role-playing game on Steam – review

Game designer Shoujo Kaga is known to fans of tactical role-playing games for his work in the studio. Intelligent systems. From 1990 to 1999, he led the development of six games in the series. Fire emblemwhile being responsible for their setting and plot.

After leaving the studio, the designer created two more games, Tear ring saga and Berwick saga. And in 2005 he announced that he was taking vacation for an indefinite period. And only in 2016 released his new project, a free role-playing game Vestaria saga.

IN Steam appeared western version of the first chapter of the game called Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions. It is engaged in localization Dangen entertainment. The English translation is still considered in beta testing, but Fire Emblem fans eagerly forgive the problems.

Vestaria Saga tells the story of a conflict between a powerful empire and a small coastal kingdom. The young warrior Zadrian is drawn into him. Now he needs to make difficult decisions to save the future.

In this strategic RPG, success requires consideration of positioning, movement, and even weapons. Depending on the choice made and the surviving heroes, the story may take other paths and end differently.

The game receives positive reviews, although many complain about its old-fashionedness. This is understandable, because the creator of Vestaria Saga will soon turn 70 years old.