World removes save – review

Two days ago in Steam add-on release Iceborne for role-playing action Monster hunter: worldwhich attracted hundreds of thousands of players. However, the DLC received thousands of negative reviews in which gamers complain about optimizing and missing save files.
In its official Twitteraccount developers Monster Hunter: World declaredthat they know about problems with optimization and are already looking for ways to solve them, but with the removal of save files, everything is not so obvious. Some users report having lost hundreds of simulated hours.

After starting Monster Hunter: World checks the save, but at this point some players received an error message, because the game could not find compatible files. If you try to continue the process, the game will create a new save, deleting the old one. In addition, the old file will be replaced with a new one even in the cloud when you exit the game.

Some players believe that the problem is caused by modifications, while others believe that the error appears in those who have not played Monster Hunter: World for a long time and missed an update that changed the file format. It remains only to wait for a solution from the developers, making a backup copy of their save.