Heroes of the Storm: in the sights of Ana

I have you in the viewfinder
Ana is a champion that always remains in the immediate rear, ready to intervene when needed.
Let’s start with the distinctive feature: Shrike (D). With this ability, Ana’s base attacks deliver a Dose to opponents, or a dot that deals 44 dives per second for 5 seconds, and can accumulate up to 5 times. Interesting because one of the talents adds a short sleepy effect to the accumulation of the five charges. It is obviously a passive ability, so you do not have to worry about being parsimonious, even shoot a few tapes when it happens.
Ana’s first ability is Dardo Curativo (Q), a skillshot with which the first hit allied hero is treated with 250 health points. This is obviously the skill to be spied without mercy, because it is Anna’s main source of care. Do not care for the servants, so you do not have to worry too much about the goal, but it’s all about the player in the support of timing to cure the right people at the right time, as it’s unthinkable to ask the allies to “stop for a moment.” However, the recharging time is very small so, even in case of error, it can be recovered in relative ease.
Skill closely linked to cure, but not only, is Biotic Grenade (W). The grenade-affected allies are treated with 175 health points, and any treatment received in the next 4 seconds is boosted by 25%. The enemies, however, suffer 60 points of damage and receive 100% less treatment for 2 seconds. The W + Q combo is obvious, but the offensive effect is not to be underestimated because, played at the right time, it can block the most important healers such as Lucio, Tenente Morales, Li Li, and anyone with more or less automatic care . Biotic grenade is also the only way Ana can cure itself in an emergency.
The third active skill is Dardo Soporifero (E). This is another skillshot that, if it goes to sign, falls asleep to the first hit enemy hero, leaving him inactivated for 3 seconds. The effect terminates instantly if the target is damaged after the first 0.5 seconds. The peculiarity is that it can not be used on vehicles, but in any case it is Ana’s aggressive skill. Its uses are varied and obviously effective, in teamfights it works well both in takeover and defense, but it is also a great way to avoid being chased if you are hunted by the killer in turn. Again, timing and purpose are very important, especially because Dardo Soporifero has a much better recovery time than Dardo Curativo, so a wrong shot is potentially a serious injury to the team.
Let’s conclude the skill test with heroic abilities (R), as usual two to choose from: Biostimulator and Horo Eye . Biostimulators, at the time of the announcement, immediately made me think about how it might be different from Lieutenant Morales’s equivalent move, while maintaining the same overwatch dynamics. In fact, the Biostimulator regenerates 200 mana, and guarantees for the next 8 seconds only a 30% bonus to the magic power of an ally, accelerating 130% skill retrieval times. It does not in any way affect the physical attack, as is the case with Morales.
For this small “debuff”, the heroic ability I prefer to use with Ana is Horo’s Eye. With this move, Ana lands in a sniper position, and can shoot up to 8 shots with unlimited reach. It hits the first ally, enemy or online hero, treating 300 health points to the allies, and inflicting 175 to enemies, but 50% of the normal damage to the structures.
 Throughout her activation, Ana can not move. As Ana is structured, I prefer his sniper set. Horo’s eye has many uses because it is a great help in teamfighting to save the allies in danger, help killing and knocking down the fleeing enemies, but also in control situations with temples, sanctuaries and areas to be conquered, where Ana can slow down or annoy opponents in the winning dynamics.