“Guest from the Future” is already being re-shot by the authors of “Invasion”

It became known that the famous Soviet children’s 5-episode film “Guest from the Future” decided to completely re-shoot the creators of such Russian films as “Attraction” and “Invasion”.

Mikhail Vrubel, the Russian film producer of the Invasion film, said that he and his team were going to re-shoot Soviet classics – “A Guest from the Future”. According to Gamebomb.ru, Mikhail said that they are already busy with this process. “I’ll tell you right away – we are already doing a remake of“ Guests from the Future. ” We are very wary of remakes, ”said the producer. He also added that one should not make remakes of such famous films at all, since they are still preserved in the minds of viewers. Therefore, the creators of the new “Guests from the Future” take this with all seriousness, reports Filmz.ru.

Mikhail Vrubel believes that the fantastic story of “Guests from the Future” in those days was impossible to tell at the proper level due to technical limitations. He also added that for this reason the picture “Guest from the Future” now looks naive, and therefore there is an opportunity to make it better. “But the picture, for a minute, came out at the same time as Star Wars.” Now there is technology, and this can be an amazing combination of our memories of this movie and what we can technologically give the viewer today, ”concluded Vrubel.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the 5-episode sci-fi film “Guest from the Future” was released in 1985.