Styx: Shards of Darkness.

Light the torch played on the backs of the guards, vividly discussing the most fun ways to kill a goblin. For the little people of CARNAGE, fighting goblins, watched from the shadows of his eyes. They did not belong to man, but foul amateur Peeping trenchant longshoremen.

Slipping out of the deck, a thief snatched blestyashki the eyes of the inflamed guards and asked Strekachev.

Squirt shot back from the mini-crossbow, barely parried swordsmen attack ripped gaping throat cornstalk and nearly managed to escape.

However, at the moment of the jump to the hanging rope author of a little mistake in the calculations. Goblin flew his very long nose in the wall, will be like pug, and then went to swim, having given my address Pleasant tirade.

No sooner had the author of the offense as mils Styx began berating me the student with hands aki is not from the right place, breaking the fourth wall all the time. Ah, Green-you bastard, we missed!

A special mode of life is too easy, so to complete the sensation recommend using it only in extreme cases.A special mode of life is too easy, so to complete the sensation recommend using it only in extreme cases.

Not familiar with the embodiment of charisma, and a collection of sebaceous jokes, whose name Styx? Remember the one who defended the passage of the wretched Of Orcs and Men in the … unconventional narrator style. Thanks to him and Goblin charm (! Styx more beautiful than any princess – wrinkled, fanged, and a nose) Shorty got a personal game Styx: Master of Shadows in 2014.

There, he asked fans pryatok heat, sometimes even confounded Thief of the same year. Magnetism knight cloak and dagger was so great that Cyanide Studios smartly reached for continuation –

Styx: Shards of Darkness’s. The studio has turned the classic sequel, as it has done “more variability, more beautiful”, but, alas, not get rid of the key shortcomings. However, they have not prevented genuinely enjoy the company of surly humorist and his toothy grin.

While smiling, then he is not with his hands. Her, a nimble and hungry for gold, Styx put in the Master of Shadows in the destruction of the World Tree that fueled all the magical energy.

The fault of the Goblin floating city Akenash slightly fell (huh, “a little”), a world filled hordes of green fellow who called civilized races of Green plague. Styx pulled into the hole-hole town Toben where robbed here and there, until he was was a nice lady from CARNAGE

Onaya punitive organization, by the way, came from the plague, so that the union goblinorezov and eared hero for the day sets the right tone perception Styx . Hatred of the people – it’s karmically correct, but greed – above all else. That’s insatiable greed Styx and run into the story of the kidnapping of the embassy of the wand.

Peeping through the keyhole, you feel like a voyeur.  But interestingly, the devil!Peeping through the keyhole, you feel like a voyeur. But interestingly, the devil!

This exposition and development of history do not apply for the Decade of Roma, therefore, in terms of plot Shards of Darkness remained at the level of the original. It is a pity, because Styx temnofenteziyny interesting setting, which is sorely lacking rukastogo writer.

With him the series would compete on equal terms with the colossus in the face of Thief . Unlike the story, dear Styx has changed for the better. He’s as dirty on the tongue, sarcastic and brutal looks, despite its small growth and a pen-twigs.

Few? Goblin Island on the theme of pop culture, sprinkled with quotations from the relevant cult films, as well as breaks “the fourth wall” with the efficiency of a battering ram.

Speaking of breaking, the author, as a fan of stealth genre, scary lacked multi-level locations, with which famous to Master Master of Shadows .

The sequel not only went Path ancestor, but also to increase its fame thanks to the developers move to Unreal Engine 4. Levels Shards of Darknessis much more beautiful and, above all, bigger. Developers in favor of newcomers paved intuitive routes to targets, but there is always an alternative to the masters of stealth.

The game lacks landscapes that beg on the desktop.  Still, the studio will do well going on Unreal Engine 4.The game lacks landscapes that beg on the desktop. Still, the studio will do well going on Unreal Engine 4.

Get out in the “underground” and navigate through the ventilation. Climb walls, mow at Tarzan with his flights on vines or on the roofs of Topcu. Too innovative for conservative thieves? Arrange deadly hide and seek, where torches and wait for repayment handful of sand and intense color Styx likened lettuce, because to his barrel-guard was leaning against the shelter.

No, poke him with a dagger in the back you can not, you beasts of such things, but you can quietly slip out and take refuge in safer shadows.

It is important that the above – it is winning back the Styx that does not use any sort of ability. Shards of Darkness democratic relates to methods for the passage itself remarkable.

However, it does not pretend to give a goblin-terminator, as well as all the Styx MRET from a couple of strokes, and combat system coupled with a parry all as clumsily made. At least in the game and there is a note of bloodthirsty, level design and frazochkami of thieves, she alludes to the fact that Styx – clever thief and agile intelligence, not the master of artistic gorlovskrytiyu – it will Atano to Corvo.

Here master pryatok master the magic of cloning and other tricks.  Do not neglect them, and then reveal Styx whole gameplay potential.Here master pryatok master the magic of cloning and other tricks. Do not neglect them, and then reveal Styx whole gameplay potential.

Compared with Dishonored 2 , the studio certainly nakosyachila with narration and feeding history. However, it is not lost to the design locations, fundamentally improving it and making a “higher”, variability and flexible for wagering.

Classic shadow tag with security, “accidents” with chandeliers, leaps of faith to the nearest rope or killing the guards surreptitiously – to Styx opened many ways and gameplay possibilities.

They can be combined into dozens of variations to tickle nerves daring antics, or silently run to the goal, to get gold medals. “Thou shalt not kill”, “not sleep”, not “loose” and “do not miss the coin” – sounds like a commandment, but in fact this is the way to fast leveling.

Shards of Darkness allows you to kill enemies, but the game is still about a thief, so do not expect reward experience points for killing enchanting kick in the butt with a canopy or organization of mass poisoning. Only a true master of shadows get a lot of experience, and spend it there somewhere.

In the shelter of the Styx, in addition to the table to craft consumables (the same crossbow bolts) and the cabinet with the equipment (for a new armor – in the most secluded corners), there is a place for pumping nimble goblins.

Despite the visual differences, the developers have been able to dive into the role.  Breaking in the shadows and exposing the throat, you feel subtle ... and very low.Despite the visual differences, the developers have been able to dive into the role. Breaking in the shadows and exposing the throat, you feel subtle … and very low.

Branches of five, and they are narrowly focused: clones, murder, secrecy, Alchemy and work with amber. Yes, in each of the branches lacking skills, corny improve passive abilities nosed.

However, lacking here and additional mechanic, making the gameplay at times variability, deeper and replayability. Given the opportunity to replay missions in a single passage, it opens opportunities for experimentation abound.

Do you want to kill, sitting in the coffers, where it is so convenient to hide the bodies? Now the guards “Bucket List” literally. Think amber vision of cheating, and find all the purses with coins you want? Teach Styx thoughtfully hum when the values. We get the hand to use a clone, but too lazy to run it the same route? Styx could change places with him, if you buy a skill.

In general, the game does not try to put gamers krivorukost idiots.  Styx disagree.  Thank you bychish, my friend - very "motivated" after work on Monday.In general, the game does not try to put gamers krivorukost idiots. Styx disagree. Thank you bychish, my friend – very “motivated” after work on Monday.

By the way, the clones have changed a lot, ceasing to be a clumsy tool to distract the soldiers. Today counterfeiting is encrypted and climb walls like a real Styx.

Killing them is impossible, but for entertainment or learning units bored dangerous hiding places clones truly irreplaceable. Particularly useful for developers turned throwing cocoons with copies of the Styx. Tactical opportunities for their use – car and truck Klonova.

Unfortunately, Shards of Darkness’s , repeatedly improving the gameplay of the original, has taken over his old diseases in addition to the weak stories. The key of them – return to the passed location. On the one hand, it’s not scary, given the diversity of gameplay.

On the other – it is insulting for nedoraskryty potential sequel where you can show much more beautiful places, not just a beautiful city elf Korrangar or, say, a colorful Toben.

The phrase "to cuddle with a bottle" because of the Styx changed to "hug the barrel."  Oh, this goblin greed ...The phrase “to cuddle with a bottle” because of the Styx changed to “hug the barrel.” Oh, this goblin greed …

It saddened by the fact that the old sores have added new: first of all, co-op for show. Run in conjunction with one another in the face of a clone, of course, having fun, making Shards of Darkness a good option for an evening of “fun.” But Styx did not fit for serious team interaction. Maybe it’s good. Find a decent pair of Styx ulcers – a daunting task, which may allow the third part. Its definitely worth the wait, as the Styx is young and full of greed.

Styx: Shards of Darkness can be passed on medium difficulty without hardship and experiments, but then she would leave the wrong impression just a good stealth with an ordinary story and silly opponents.

The real value of the game is revealed when, in the course are numerous improvements to the gameplay, and asking to try them on the huge interesting locations. Shards of Darkness repeats mistakes Master of Shadows and does not exceed its plot. However Styx become more charismatic, his jokes – sharper and Gameplay – variability.