Tekken 7 – very difficult on the mechanics of the game. Each button on the controller is responsible for a limb, causing the novices of the brain stem and bewilderment.

Buttons for lock strikes, as in the previous parts – no. The player will go from shock contender, moving around the scene in three dimensions. Every gamer who have the edge though, the eye was familiar with the series, knows the speed of the strike and doing the right combinations lead to victory.

From the innovations worth noting the counterattack function, which in fact greatly changes the pace of the game and chances of winning disappear even experienced player. Assembled, the game designers have revived from the ashes of MK is not only the story campaign mode, but the vaunted «X-ray», which is renamed «Rage». Run this technique can be accumulated a sufficient amount of “energy”.

By pressing a specific set of keys from a character playing a unique combination of long-lasting, which will decide the outcome of the battle. Those players who do not have time to accumulate enough strength during the fight, the opportunity to perform Power Crush and a deadly combo, regardless of DPS opponent. Standard dzhagly also have not gone away, but again modified.

If earlier it was possible to throw the enemy until his death, now, after a limited number of punches he will fly off to the side and shmyaknetsya, and the player will be a few seconds to run up and throw your opponent into the air again. Experienced players will be angry snort at such an “innovation”, as the embodiment of the coolest dzhaglov – art.


Tekken 7: Fated Retribution - review
“Rage” can often save from loss even in a desperate situation.


It should also be noted that now the victory is achieved not only the knowledge and ability combinations, but to do this scene. Levels in Tekken 7 have distinctive characteristics that often can provide the player a better chance of winning. Something like we have seen in the above of Mortal Kombat .

To study the basic mechanics of the game in story mode, everything else is learned only by trial and error. Lists combinations and abilities for each character long enough. To know fully at-least one character will require a lot of time and effort.

For example, using a single seizure at Wrestler King, you can not let the enemy to the bitter end, grinding his bones.

Unique fighting style of Capoeira, which is owned by the fighter Eddie, in the right hands turns into a dance battle, watch which is a pleasure.

Visually the game looks at the level of the sixth part, but felt in tactile terms at the level of good nekstgen due to the smooth animation. Backdrops drawn well, but the special effects look disgusting. It feels like they have not changed since the second part.


Tekken 7: Fated Retribution - review
On consoles, the game looks outdated. On the PC – a little better.


Characters Tekken 7They deserve a separate paragraph. Yoshimitsu this time looks like the illegitimate son of “Alien” and “Guyver”. Claudio creates a new character with magic objects from the air, hinting to us that the developers also read comic books about Dr. Strange. Shaheen – a fighter from Saudi Arabia. Lucky Chloe – loves to dance. With her battle against Eddy becomes a “Dancing” show. The new main villain in the series, part-member families Mishima, – Kazumi.

The last series was the French rookie Katarina, the owner of a fighting style Savate. Other characters have also undergone a redesign. Somewhere it looks good, which is not very much. The main thing is that the men felt the same way as in the 90s. Techniques, abilities and style. What really Namco Bandai cope, so this update is functionally characters. The old techniques have added hundreds of new, so there are beginners,


Tekken 7: Fated Retribution - review
Old friend from the Street Fighter perfectly fit not only in the story, but also the mechanics.


Postproduction remained unchanged. Girls screaming, men shouting, the sound of blows, as before, remind us of the Indian cinema. What can we do about it, so the Japanese style games. But in music, this time serious problems. The menu and story scenes it tolerable, in combat miserable and ruining the dynamics, triggering a desire to divert the volume slider to the left corner.