Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars

Unforgotten past

principles of mechanics of the game in the fourth (actually) part of Master of Orion has not changed. Choose to start one of the available races and leads it to intergalactic domination.

In the process you need to discover and colonize the planet (unless, of course, your race can live there), to nurture their colonies, see to it that citizens have always been satisfied and contented, to regulate taxes, learn technology, build different useful buildings, run the military and civilian ships, fight, negotiate with neighbors and even spy on them.

Competitors offer crushed by military or economic power. Among other conditions for victory – all become smarter and smarter, that is the furthest advance in technological development, or to lead the Galactic Council, having received a simple majority of votes of the other races. There is a “victory on points”, and even the ability to play up to the complete destruction of all the neighbors.

There are ten races, familiar from previous games of the series. Here and bird people alkaryl and stone Silicoids and cybernetic meklary and bipedal lizards sakkra, and many others.

Each of the participants of intergalactic conflict, as usual, has its pros and cons. Lizards, for example, live in the tropics, do not differ wit and cleverness and virtually incapable of diplomacy and learning technologies, but fruitful and actively colonize other planets. Prone to mimicry, secretive darloki, on the contrary, receive a bonus to diplomacy and espionage.

Pop-eyed psilony vbuhivayut everything in technology and Silicoids devouring stones: they are setting “Food” in general is not important (as the climate of the planet) – the main thing that had a lot of minerals.

In addition, you can create your own unique race, defining all of its features, bonuses and penalties, the benefit of the appropriate designer plenty of options and settings.

Master of Orion (2016) game review

Humor here is appropriate.

New realities

, but while maintaining the basic mechanic Master of Orion has really become the game more accessible, comfortable and modern, or something.

This is manifested in everything – from the intuitive, user-friendly interface that is no longer afraid of the elderly, children and housewives, to the gameplay itself, which incorporates many of the current trends.

Something the authors learned from for Endless Space , something – of the Stellaris , Galactic’s III of Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire . And a lot – of Civilization the V : this also applies to the increased rate of development, and common to all races technology tree, and some other things.

In the process of something, of course, it had to get rid of. Gone are many of the details such as Aboriginal on the planets or food transport between the colonies.

No here and turn-based battles – if you do not want to give everything to the mercy avtoraschotu, the battle will be in real time to indicate their ships, where to go and whom to shoot.

Free movement between the planets too are no more – instead there were borders and entry / exit points of the warp, connecting different sectors. It unearthed a completely different gameplay reservoir – need to protect the borders, to build outposts to defend their ownership rights and presenting new territories.

Naturally, “oldfagi” fight in hysterics, and developers are willing to burn in hell. But it is perfectly normal – almost all of these “comeback” today accompanied by heart-rending cry “Okazualili, tyrants!”. But those who have not seen the old to Master Master of The Orion , may well get from the new part of the fun.

The game combines a sufficiently detailed strategy (no matter how it is denied veterans) with modern trends, dynamics and comfort.

He adds to this nice graphics, atmospheric music, an extensive espionage system, as well as the funny little things like news releases, in which the leading robot comment on your major successes and reported that an unknown benefactor granted your race a certain amount.