Satellite Reign

Immortals. War of brains 

Satellite Reign fit even to call not the ideological heir, and modern remake of Syndicate and Syndicate Wars . Basic principles of mechanics of the game have not changed. There is a strategic component: it is necessary to save money, kidnap prototypes and hire scientists to conduct research and get new types of equipment, weapons, various gadgets and implants. And there are just battles and operations.

But, firstly, the reduced scale of the problems – now we do not seize the world and act within one, but a very big city. Here runs the corporation, which has put on immortality flow: it allows a strong and rich almost infinite carry his consciousness from one earthly body to another.

Now of course, that it belongs to the power in the city. We present a young but promising syndicate, which also opened the transplantation of consciousness technology and now seeks to get rid of a competitor: it is necessary to penetrate into the science lab “immortal” and launch a devastating virus.

Secondly, to carry out their tasks, you do not need to capture the areas to regulate the taxes and somehow influence the mood of the citizens.

Although initially the developers have promised the opposite. Moreover, in an interview with the author of these lines, they were told that players will be able to conduct propaganda among the population in order to undermine the influence of a competitor and win the trust of the citizens. In this case, seeing as our agents someone “Press”, passers-by will come to their aid.

None of this in the release was not found. In fact, the problem boils down to, to save money, to perform certain tasks and get access to the next area of ​​the city. And so I repeat until you get to the final goal. City with the big, beautiful, full of people, but essentially dead.

Go around back and forth, occasionally sit on the bench, but respond only to the sound of gunfire: during skirmishes with the enemy increases your level of danger, people with an agent starts to run away screaming. But it is necessary to remove the weapons, sit a couple of minutes in some alley, and all – you are clean, and no guards or passers-by do not remember five minutes ago you sow fear and hatred.

Satellite Reign Game Review

At the border crossing points between the city districts periodically shoot anyone who tries to get in there without proper papers.

Do not shoot! 

But in this city, we provided almost complete freedom of action. Four agents – soldiers, support, fighter, attacker and sniper – moving through the streets, breaking into ATMs so that they are regularly brought into our treasury of money and wondering how to get into the next important object. Bank drone factory, a police station, a military base, the hotel or the headquarters of some corporations – all of this is in every area and every time we need to get out there to make money, get new prototypes for research or just to get new equipment .

Formally, you are free to decide how to do it. But in practice, go to the forehead, to take by storm – it is almost always suicide, especially in the early stages, when your agents are poorly armed and armor from them only coats and sunglasses. Enemies almost constantly cause reinforcements and openly pressuring number.

Well, in general battles are best avoided – this is probably the worst thing in the Satellite Reign . That your soldiers that the enemy occasionally get stuck in objects environment, or simply rest on the wall. Total degradability as in Syndicate Wars,

Is not in sight, but the opponents, having sat down behind cover, a half-hour concentration can be watered each other’s fire, even despite the fact that the firing hard not to.

Own brains of these agents are no clones, and an active break, so that the prevailing confusion around to cope with the local management, intelligently distribute orders, to switch between fighters and use their unique skills, is not provided. Because of this thin conduct tactical combination when, for example, soldiers distracting intruder penetrates and breaks, and sniper closes the roof, is very difficult.

As a result, almost always remains two options. The first – a beautiful: you long to play cat and mouse with patrols to hunt down their movement routes, chop off surveillance cameras and trying to sneak to the goal. This can be done, for example, to get into the ventilation or to climb onto the roof, and then dashing down the wire (the main thing is not to fall under foot guards).

A pair of hackers and sniper theoretically able to act effectively: one hacks and opens the gate, the second uses a temporary invisibility and shoots from a rifle with a silencer.

Satellite Reign Game Review

Artists work is extremely delighted and nostalgic tears all the fans of “Blade Runner.”