The Surge

In The Surge to replace the gloomy fantasy come no less bleak future, where humanity numerous problems trying to solve (or pretend to try) large corporations. One of the most advanced – CREO company, which has put on stream the conversion of people into cyborgs using all kinds of implants and exoskeletons.

The game begins sadly, the main character in a wheelchair arrives in CREO hoping to get back on its feet – literally. But during the operation, something went wrong, anesthesia has ceased to operate, and he lost consciousness from the pain.

And when he came, found around the devastation, the flying drones from the coils and the people have turned into a sort of zombie ekzokostyumah.

Everyone wants his death, but our hero is no longer yesterday’s sad invalid in a chair, but a real cybernetic killer. He is not just learned to walk again – thanks to the established exoskeleton can jump, dodge, hit very hard and cut off the limbs of their enemies.

Then begins the typical Dark Soulsand others like her entertainment program – fight, fight and fight again. As fires are operational centers – where we are reborn after death, restoring the supply of health and health injection. But just revived and enemies.

A die will have very often – on the way from opertsentra for the next “boss” has to dozens of times again and again to fight with the same creatures that accumulating experience in the truest sense of the word. So we learn from our own mistakes, we study the habits of opponents, their location and characteristics of the level, so the next time to know exactly where to go.

Who is to blame and what to do?

The plot in this case, as it should be served in small portions. The whole game, we make our way along the dilapidated complexes of CREO, something to fix it, restore the power supply to the doors and magnetic ways, that you can then navigate between the available locations. And all this in order to get an answer to the question of what happened here.

“Boss”, as it should be, we have to beat in several stages.

And the answer is not long. Sometimes we find some audio diaries in which the same poor fellows like us, describe how they lost consciousness during surgery and woke up this cybernetic hell.

Periodically we receive or hear a broadcast of messages from important people who ask much out there to come and find them or help open the door for them – but I still really do not get answers.

What is clear is that everything is very bad and cybernetic experiments CREO came to them and to us, and perhaps all mankind metal sideways.

Sometimes you can even find the rare survivors of this nightmare and help them – to release from the cell, provides power to ekzokostyum, find some kind of weapon.

Then some of them will move to the operations center, which will meet every time you surprised, “Are you still alive?” And asking for help.

One poor fellow, for example, died without the medicine he needed. He was getting worse and worse, and it made me even after the killing of a local “boss” when you can already go on, again and again cleaned level and comb it in search of the drug.

And even after yet another failed attempt cherished the hope – perhaps in another complex find the same medicine and get back here, have time until the man died. Such situations are rare, but they are great to enliven an event, forcing the recall, we then still not just a shooter and slasher, but also a little RPG.