Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

In the battle, you can use a different approach – the actual “Sniper” to complete, battle it out in the open, or try to operate covertly, eliminating enemies one by one.

Depending on your actions will “pump” is one of the three branches of skills relevant to the preferred style of passing. For example, a sniper specialization will allow longer hold your breath when shooting, military – to carry extra magazines for assault rifles, and “Ghost” – quieter jump and run.

Add to this a pretty picture, more or less honest ballistics, forcing every now and then to make an amendment to the wind and the distance while shooting, wiser AI, variability in the performance of tasks and the plot, which appear blue-eyed blonde and busty agentshi Mossad – and that seems to be ready dream game for all the “campers”.

“But the point, you see, is …”

But a closer look at the full version of nearly every game plus is a minus. Beautiful picture, the rich and the snow capped mountains and forested landscapes marred by terrible optimization, frequent departures and subsidence fps.

Clever opponents, who can maneuver quickly notice you, send patrols cleaned the place where they saw a player or shelling it from the mortar, sometimes suddenly fall into a stupor.

In the plot there are dramatic moments, but they are not to touch.

Integrity Ballistics only works in some situations, when really strong wind. More often than not we just shoot at the crosshair, totally forgetting about any amendment – still gonna get!

Variability in the performance of missions too conventional.

You can, of course, choose a different position, with different sides of the same to go to secure sites, trying to somehow distract opponents, entice them by cutting off the generators and radios, but Metal Gear Solid V this game away. And for the most part easier and more efficient to shoot enemies from a distance.

Cranberry Georgia

The plot is the same with us, the Russians, is a mixture of irritation and smiles. Blue-eyed blonde named Lidiya Dzhordzhadze, and she apparently thoroughbred Georgian with impeccable English and dad called Awas.

And we are fighting against the “Russian-speaking minority”, which is headed by David and Ina Sidamonidze Zakaryan.

On their side, you can also find Albanians, killed Serbs in Kosovo, and a member of the radical “Al-Nusra Front,” and in the logo of their opponents, local militias, who need help, you can see a swastika. In general, imagine what mess in my head these great Polish writers!

Cranberries here blooms and smells – the Russian-speaking separatists crowds killing innocent Georgians organize clandestine fights without rules with rates listen to rap, where trying to rhyme the word “chum” and “vodka”.

And somehow, quietly passed an American wedding, speaking in English, and even allow such a suspicious stranger not to spend the night in the house – even though the plot themselves legends about the elusive foreign sniper who is constantly arranges them against sabotage.

Writers, admittedly, try to somehow diversify the story – telling about complex romantic relationship between our hero and Lydia, which he once tossed and how John is looking for her missing two years ago, his brother – also a sniper, Robert.

However, all this is done as something primitive, banal and predictable. When we learn that in the same territory operates a mysterious sniper Armazi, it seems only the main character does not know who it could be …

But the main trouble is not even idiotic plot – in the West someone has accurately assessed. The main problem is precisely in the “open world”. Against the background of other games with this concept attempts authors Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 look labored and miserable.

In the beta version of a map and a couple of jobs I was available, so cherished the hope that the authors really come up with interesting activities and somehow revive this “sandbox” in the full version. But there is, alas, she is dead, boring and almost static.