Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Who lives at the bottom of the sea

With the release of DLC game has indeed changed, but familiar with the “vanilla” version is unlikely to get lost in broad daylight gameplay. Like the original, it is necessary to take care of a group of refugees from a dying Earth to colonize one of the distant planets, including fresh worlds – volcanic and glacial.

Ways to win all the same five: in addition to the banal and the conquest of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence can achieve the goal of any of the perfections – Excellence, Righteousness or Harmony. And being still determines consciousness: the righteous, waiting for poor relations with the Earth, prefer the anti-gravity and titanium, for the triumph of Excellence need firaksit and Harmony claw grows in pools ksenomassy. Despite the ability to combine excellence for hybrid troops straight course still more advantageous because purebred “units” stronger

Without touching the main mission, Firaxis has to Rising Tide vividly diversified environment. Ocean is now – such as a full habitat, as well as land. You can build a city, to fight with giant clams, ruining their underwater nests, conduct excavation and processing resources are often different from those that are found on the shore. But the difference between floating and conventional colonies where a striking resemblance, and not limited to only one or a focus on aesthetics fleet to the detriment of the ground forces.

DLC actually offers two styles of development, different from each other as boxing and karate. City on the water does not grow by itself, due to the points of culture, therefore, to extend the boundaries it has to move, or to buy the old cells for energy – the local equivalent of coins.

On the one hand, it is convenient: to reach a particularly valuable resource, not necessarily trained settler outpost and lay – enough to move closer. If no oil floats to Mohammed, Mohammed floats to the oil – everything is logical. On the other hand, marine city or move, or produce something – no middle ground. Therefore spend precious little step moves to the cell still expensive, especially at the beginning of the party.

But the gulf is much more pliable to study than land: while the researchers on the shores encircle faults da rocks, choking poisonous “miasma” in the ocean is enough to maneuver between hydrocorals – the nature of a joke, not an obstacle. However, there Rising Tide levels the playing field, because traveling on the water and sending merchant ships no longer require a separate technology.

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide обзор игры

Kavita offers medical treatment – is going well for the growth of cities and the war.

Supplement spurs adventurous thrill not only the opportunity to settle wherever your heart desires – to open the map is now doubly useful. After all, apart from the wreckage of the sky and capsules from sponsors were mounds of prehistoric creatures, as well as the miracles and the ruins of the forerunners – intelligent aliens who are gone.

Expedition or stripping nests Aboriginal soldiers and then find artefacts – earth left over from the forerunners or local. As you can guess, these items come in handy on the farm: using one or two, you can get a one-time bonus, and aligning the three – permanent. Fuss artifacts diluted routine minor tasks, familiar from the original and still drives the melancholy fact that they are repeated from time to time.

From love to hate

The Rising Tide the former set of eight factions have added four more. Urban development master Al-Falah, North Sea Alliance with strong colonies of the sea, experts in covert operations Chungsu and Integra – Europeans are able to save diplomatic capital. This new resource play (along with energy, science and culture), under which even rigged bonuses Brazil and Pan-Asian association.

From now venturing negotiations with opponents without glasses diplomacy – how to go to the store without any money: services on credit is no longer listed. A working principle, resembling great prestige system of for Endless Legend , where policies on the basis of mere impossible intentions.

In any contract, until the armistice, it is necessary to invest diplomacy points accrued mainly from buildings. Agreement Beyond Earth now look like this: you exchange part of the diplomatic capital income for any bonus.

Of course, it is more useful than the more expensive: if you want to increase the satellite coverage area – raskosheltes 9 points in the course of diplomacy, and to raise to 20% capital income will cost 25. Each leader – their proposals, so the range of foreign policy instruments came out very impressive. Sorry, abolished the sharing of resources – have to send them caravans or army. But even more offensive ban on setting the terms of contracts, what has always distinguished series Sid Meier’s Civilization .