Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

two years ago Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Kiev studio Frogwares found an almost perfect success formula for its flagship series about the adventures of the famous detective of Baker Street. No “Oatmeal, sir!”, “Elementary, my dear Watson!” Pilikany violin, morning tea from Mrs.

Hudson and painstaking investigations with a pipe in his mouth – only the firing of vases with closed eyes, neurosis attacks, action, dynamics and short, but bright and complicated cases, folding into a fascinating series. In other words, goodbye, Vasily Livanov , hello, Robert Dauni – Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch (Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch)!

The game is largely borrowed mood, atmosphere, size and even the images of the characters at the same time and from the films Gaya Richi (Guy Ritchie), and from the TV series “Sherlock”. And rightly so – it is fashionable, youth and more in line with the needs of a modern audience.

The Sherlock the Holmes: of The Devil’s Daughter Frogwares decided to take a step further, so that Sherlock is now more like a Roberta Dauni – junior , and suddenly rejuvenated Doctor Watson – by Dzhuda Lou (Jude Law).

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil & # 39; s Daughter game review

There is difficulty levels, and the highest skip puzzles and mini-games can not.

Sherlock at a crossroads

, however, the serial format and mechanics of the game itself since Crimes & Punishments have not changed. All the same apartment on Baker Street with the archive, laboratory, cards on the wall and walk-in closet, where you can dress up and masquerade on the occasion.

And Sherlock and Watson investigate all as unusual and unrelated to each other things – here and a strange disappearance of the poor, and the murder of an archeologist stone statue, and the tragic accident involving several cabs, disguised as an accident. And even the very attempt at Sherlock.

As before, in the process, we collect and examine evidence, and in a separate menu is made up of these logical chains that allow to come to a number of diametrically opposite conclusions about what happened and who is to blame.

And then just need to decide what to do with those whom you accuse, – put in jail or released, and maybe clap in a psychiatric hospital.

The real culprit, of course, only one, but a moral choice may be different. Release to the seriously ill father’s daughter, who for the sake of her treatment had robbed a bank and killed accomplices, or hide behind bars? Sorry for the cripple, who administers a brutal revenge on his former colleagues?

The moral dilemma here, of course, to the level of nedotyagivayut creations BioWare and Obsidian Entertainmentand too often play a card necessarily the deadly disease, but certain anguish in the heart area and the cause of conscience.

If individual case-investigation in The Devil’s Daughter get really interesting, then to the central stories unfolding on their background, have questions. At first appearance in the shot Keith – nowhere grafted dochurki Sherlock – Watson and hints at the fact that “it is time to tell the truth,” intriguing.

Yes, there is also a neighboring country, which is constantly communicating with the girl and arranges seances. But somewhere in the middle of the passage it becomes clear whose daughter really would Kate wants a neighbor and a mystique all over. Therefore, the final looks predictable and boring.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil & # 39; s Daughter game review

The streets of London are still playing the role of detail-drawn, but still background.

Detective, athlete, handsome and a blacksmith! 

Directly mechanics is also quite predictable. Collect evidence, examine them under a microscope, pick locks, decipher secret messages, restore the torn-up letters, roemsya archives, move levers and move heavy objects, twisting pedestals … and talk a lot on the go making a sketch of the character.

Plus you can use the special regime of view and reconstruct the events of the past – about the same as it was in of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter of .

And with all this, as before, side by side, more or less simple mini-games, the QTE, elements of action, an opportunity to play for a dog, and the like retreat designed to revitalize and diversify happening.

And these inclusions from other genres and the whole action, the dynamics in The Devil’s Daughter has become even greater. We run away from the invisible killer with a gun, trying to catch his breath after the shelters, wading through the swamp, trying not to drown, the burning of a revolver, playing for Watson, and so on.