Hearts of Iron IV

history moves only forward and one bed, which bends – it’s taken someone decisions or events that have changed the world. Fatalists would call such a change of course destiny and pragmatists – a consequence of certain causes. Whatever it was, this force is actually in Hearts of Iron IV its role takes on the player.

But do not expect permissiveness strategy like the one that offers the series Civilization . No matter how fantastic the scenario you choose, from the French Union, Yugoslavia and Romania before the war, the USSR and the United Kingdom, – there is sucked from a finger making. But there is a chance to see what would happen if …

ruled by the planet without alerting nurses

The game is dedicated to a short but intense period from 1936 to 1948-th years, that is, the Second World War and how it sprouted from the struggle of nations, parties, ideas and imperial ambitions.

The Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, UK, USA, Italy, France – are the main participants in the drama, which acts more or less known even to schoolchildren.

From textbooks, we know about the Munich Agreement, by which the Third Reich came to talk, and how thin the ice under his boot Finnish Red Army, about the “phony war” and the bombardment of Kiev in 1941. As is the case with other products studio Paradox like Crusader Kings or Europa is Universalis , no one bothers to repeat the story of one to one. But we came here for another reason?


That Hearts of Iron IV of – field for experiments, make it clear almost immediately. Although the developers have traditionally meticulous in terms of geography, personalities and dates, the course of events is not carved of granite.
Franco in Spain the win, then lose to the Republicans, the airship “Hindenburg” is suffering a disaster, it is not, and Mercader killed Trotsky with varying degrees of success – from the party, it is impossible to predict in advance what caper throw the script this time.
Drive to remember Mayakovskynag and give to us. What happens if Chamberlain, Daladier will send to hell and intercede for the Czechs in 1938, and the Soviet Union refused to sign the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact? How to plunge the United States into civil war and turn to France and England in the Soviet republics? Twist the history of the ram’s horn, dropping it on an alternative course.

But do not forget that the alternatives are taken from the same textbooks, so do whatever comes to mind, not work. Clio kick up the backside you can, but only at the right angle.

To attack a neighbor, it is necessary first to substantiate a claim on its territory. And of course foreign policy will have to pick just one. For example, organize a small Entente under the auspices of France or act in alliance with England.
Even Germany and the USSR or enmity or friendly: few knew at the end of the 30s than the end joint parade of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, but the Englishwoman gadila heartily – “Truth” will not lie.
Hearts of Iron IV– a strategy for those who are interested in the past, for others its meaning at risk of being undervalued. And it depends on, whether the game will bring pleasure or cause to suffer in vain. Quite the same without suffering, alas, no way.

Hearts of Iron IV Game Review

If it is correct to count the votes, will certainly come communism.

Because in the forge was a nail

Do you like to ride – love and sleigh to haul as a hint to us developers. To change the world, one desire is not enough – at first will descend from heaven to earth and vykuem victory at the bench. Defense begins with plants, without which not build any railroads, no bunkers or munitions factories, and in fact they – the source of military equipment.

 Necessary to improve the technique, opening more and more new technology: yesterday released a tank T-35, today – KV-1, trucks give way bronetransportu. But the development returns to the resource problem: where to get the steel, tungsten, rubber and oil? Here reigns the planning, and the gameplay formula easier to express than an epithet.

On the front of one technique can not eat: in addition to the transportation of the supplies necessary training division. To protect the good company of intelligence in the offensive artillery support will come in handy, but for safety it is worth adding a few regiments to existing. Otherwise, you see how six enemy divisions without panic attacks reflect your sixty. But do not think that the shelves allow free shuffle: improving cost experience points, which are given either in battle or on the parade ground. That is, in peacetime, this is not particularly overclocking.

While the guns are silent, diplomats speak. Here much depends on the points of political power and the ways of development (or foci). The first – a source of bonuses and currency going to purchase advisors, friendly people and agents of influence. With a focus as it’s not so simple: some really are pushing production and assist in the training of troops, but there are those that simply define the course of events. “Great Purge” in the USSR, the Anschluss of Austria, the territorial claims – in other words, the chronicle. On the other hand, the tree branches grow antagonists. For example, France chooses between defense and attack, and Italy or Yugoslavia with friends or to quarrel with her. War woven of devilish details, and no one proves the truth with the same conviction as the developers of a Paradox .