Space Rangers: Quest

In the beginning was the word

miracles of miracles, and to lie thirty-three years in suspended animation on plasma furnace in your cozy chalet in Denebola system, then to give a mythical third part of “Space Rangers” , from the current owners of the brand is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, they decided it was slowly (just like the same probe, which we have repeatedly left for distant unpopulated planets) to explore new field for himself and territories. The result – the emergence of Space Rangers: Quest , focused primarily on mobile platforms, but not bypassed the attention and personal computers.

As you can guess, the foundation of this project are the text adventures. Generally, as the creators say they initially had the idea to make a mobile music player quests, accumulated over many years, but then the idea grew into something more large scale, worthy of the status of independent games.

In Space Rangers: Quest we can re-dedicate themselves to the study of the galaxy, but in a simpler format. The new branch – it’s a sweet dream minimalists and those in the original game valued primarily literary part. Here, almost all farmed out text.

Random event when you log in, the battles, the replacement of equipment of the ship – everything is decided by reading and selecting from the options.

Of course, in this situation the game is no longer fit strategic battles on the surface of planets, speculation in goods and arcade battles – it was all abolished.

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Oddly enough, will not be seen in the Space Rangers: Questand the planet. They are present in the game world indirectly, only in the context of the stories unfolding in text quests. And all their work ranger questions need to be addressed at the space stations, the range of which has remained the same. Medical base all as trade stimulators, and business centers make loans. Pirates earn their shelter, “travel”, through which can be avoided by regular meetings with the annoying space bandits, research centers are responsible for the “pumping” of equipment on the ship and on military bases are always happy to help with weapons or escort to support random battles.

Space Rangers: Quest Game Review

Chance meetings can sometimes amuse unexpected mini-games.

As a result of the passage of the process is as follows: open a new sector on the galactic map; then we look at what the system what databases are and if there is text quests; fly to vending systems, meeting there any random event or an enemy; We engaged in the passage of quests, ship repairing and other routine; buy a map of the new sector and go further. The ultimate goal – a system for scanning a system, look for the five envoys, who found themselves playing the will of the writers in the world, has managed to clothe everything that happens unified global plot.


Apparently, in order to somehow compensate for the lack of graphic embellishment, employees SNK-Gamesplaced on the main gameplay screen The main pride of every Ranger – his spaceship. Alternatively, the housing of all three – for a pirate, warrior or merchant (the class has on the gameplay little impact, you can choose at the start of the game). The appearance of the model, which is nothing to do in every way possible to twist, twirl in a vacuum, do not affect skin damage or “pumping” equipment. So that “feature” is, of course, nice, but absolutely useless. Roughly the same can be said about the built-in calculator, which is perhaps not useful to you in the process of passing once. Honestly, it would be more appropriate to make some sort of notebook for personal notes.

There are other solutions Underturned: not giving absolutely no configuration and no player soundtracks meter days or something like that. Hurry in the game is not necessary, but the time is still there – in particular, the effect of various stimulants and additional effects lasts for a specific number of days, so the calendars still would not hurt.

Causing some confusion and that each text task in the game can take an infinite number of times, “Farm” so loans. Yes, the amount of compensation for repeated runnings will decline, but then the effort to complete the quest after meeting with their algorithms often reduced to zero. Plus the lion’s share of jobs – already familiar to veterans of the series of classics, studied the length and breadth. New texts are found, but this is undoubtedly a drop in the sea of past literary exploits copyright-ended “Space Rangers” .